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Virg - September 27

I am over the moon right now. Just got a call that the
pain clinic here had a cancellation and I got in. It couldn't come at a better time because I'm packing getting ready for a move on the 8th Oct. This all came
about last friday. Another opening came up for an
apartment we've been waiting for. So needless to say
Im excited like Heck but the pain is unbelievable. Even
my thumbs and hands which were quiet are shouting.
If I could get the pain from the degenerated disk handled (IT affects my left hip, thigh and leg so bad
its constant and unbareable) I'll be able to breath easier and deal with all the other fms stuff. so 9:30 tomorrow here I go. PS. it's been 1 and a half years)


AmberRose - September 27

GOOD LUCK!!! i wish you well for your move..I also have to move on the 20th of oct and ive been packing slowly for the lognest time it seems! Let us know how the pain clinic is!


Amyloo - September 28

I am hoping and praying for the best for you. I cannot stand it when I hear people have to wait so long. I am sorry. Cronic pain stinks; I get it and so does everyone else here. Try your best to take it easy with your move too. God bless, Amy


Virg - September 29

Well that was a waste of my time. The
pain clinic doctor confirmed I had degenerated disc problem and arthritis in my lower spine. Suggested physio which I had been and a NEW drug for pain $50 per 2 weeks not covered by my
disability. I asked what he knew about
fibromyalgia he said not much that I probably knew more. I kept the 2 separate because the spine is a real actuall physical thing. So Larry I couldn't resist acknowledging you I'M NOT STUCK. I give the bloody H up.
Back to my move and keeping it to an organized easy pace. Yesterday I CRASHED. Feel good today to continue.
All The Best.


TERESA - September 29

Virg I also could not resist dressing down Larry! I am so sorry that your appt tunred out disappointing, but doctor are only human & sometimes you have to be insistant with them. Do you have another appt? The drug he suggested may have a closely related one that is covered. I amtaking a secondary drug because I could not afford the first drug he suggested. I am also in that PPA through the clinic I go to, Keep your chin up! We are here for you!


Virg - September 30

Thanks Teresa. You're a very kind gal.
No, no appts set which is fine with me.
After my move I'll check with the area
rec center and see the exercise etc system. Now has anyone got a car for
sale mine just bought the biscuit just
prior to moving. Gosh I could put a happy laughter smiliey here.


barbar - October 4

Virg, Seems you're having such a hard time. I also agree with Teresa: ask your pharmacist if he has a related med that is covered. It really pays to have good insurance. I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and I consider myself REALLY lucky. I have one med (one of nine) that costs me $98 a month, which means it costs a total of $490. Without insurance, I'd be dead. But this isn't helping Virg. Virg, what can we do to help you feel better?


Virg - October 4

Much thanks for the concern. My problem is that a lot of medication affects my stomache I get bad cramping
nausea and my head starts to spin. Each time a new med comes out I'm told this is easier on the stomache. I'll
just keep trying and maybe try a narcotic
pain killer and take it only when the siatica is unbearable. thanks again. If anyone has any ideas I'm open to consider everything.



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