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Need some input ......
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ptalana - January 26

Good morning all, I need your input on how I should handle my psych evaluation. I need to under go a 2 hour evaluation in order to get into pain therapy program.

My rhuemy referred me to this multi disciplinary program and my appointment is Feb 23. When my doc was making this referral he told me not to mention that I had Fms. He's afraid that I won't be taken seriously. I'm only supposed to tell them about my spinal issues. My concern is how am I going to receive the proper care if they aren't aware of my entire medical situation.

I may not be happy that I have Fms, but I'm most certainly not ashamed of this fact. I'm afraid that I'm gonna spill the beans during this 2 hour evaluation.

I should mention that this doctor came highly recommended by the Fms support group. He is a "Fibro friendly" doctor and I do think he's sincere.

Has anyone else gone through this process? I'd appreciate any and all advice.

Thanks again everyone, hope today is a good day for all. Patty


solanadelfina - January 26

I have to disagree with your doctor. I don't think it's wise to hold back medical information in a situation like this, and especially if it's for pain therapy. Doubtless discussions about meds will come up, and if they could help with the spinal issues and FMS both that would be wonderful.

However, I've never been through this and can't speak from experience.


Fantod - January 26

I would be going back to your doctor and asking him if he has had other patients with a serious medical issue and Fibromyalgia that have been rejected for participation in the pain therapy program. If he has had people rejected because they have FMS in addition to another issue than I'd keep my mouth shut.

I don't agree that people with FMS should be excluded at all. And I agree with Solandelfina that withholding medical information is not right. However, here is the catch 22. Pain is subjective and any "drug seeker" with some minor acting ability could get into the program under the guise of FMS. I suspect that they atuomatically rule out people with FMS because no one can definitively test to determine your overall pain level. A condition like scoliosis of the spine is easily discerned and therefore "valid." We all know that there is a lot of predjudice out there about FMS. If keeping your mouth shut means that you'll get the treatment you badly need than I'd do it.

In the US we don't have to go through any kind of psych evaluation to see a pain specialist. Therefore I can't speak from experience. I hope that my comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care and good luck Patty.


axxie - January 26

Patty, I don't know what to tell you, it's a bit of a catch 22 situation. What I would do, is give them all the information they need and just say in passing, that you may have FMS. But would not elaborate more then that.

Better to be treated for underlying problem and see where it goes. The treatment will help I am assured of that, this might help you with fibro.

Good luck to you


Noca - January 26

I would tell the doctor the truth.


ptalana - January 26

Thanks for your much appreciated advice all. I think since it is such a catch 22 I'll go in discussing only my spinal issues at first. If I qualify for the pain therapy program and am settled in I can always mention the Fms.

How sad that we have to hide a disorder that none of us have asked for, nor any of us want.

Take care, Patty



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