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Need some help with this one!
6 Replies
toots2889 - October 12

Hello all! I hope everyone is doing well. I recently had back surgery to take care of some of the back pain i was having. Well its been 2 weeks now and everything was going great, until i tripped over my dog and hurt it. Im hoping i wont need surgery,or something to fix it. I have pain in low back again and pain going down the leg. Anyway since the surgery ive had to stay in bed alot and not do much. Ive been noticing that I have these jerky movements in my arms and legs. I have no control of these movements that are like spasms. Any one know what these are? Anyone else have these? Id appreciate any knowledge that anyone can give me on this. Thanks!


chefbeth - October 12

Toots2889 - just responding to provide support as I can't help with your dilemna. I have not been diagnosed with FM - but hoping to get some answers soon. I just wanted to let you know how sorry I am that you are dealing with surgery recovery, etc. and all the pain that goes with it. Please know that you are being thought of and I will say a prayer for you. Take care and rest. Chef Beth


axxie - October 12

Hey toots2889, welcome back, happy you had your surgery. I do hope nothing happened when you tripped. As for the jerking, is quite normal, mostly from your pain medication and your regular meds for your fibro. Don't worry about it, it shall go away, once you recover and are more mobile.

If you want to know, I take ralivia and sometimes when I'm in bed, I hear loud voices in my mind. It's weird, I thought I was going crazzy booked a consultant with the doctor and he was laughing so loud, I thought he was going to roll on the floor and roll away. Anyway, seeing my bewildering face he answered, that it does happen, and that it goes away with each usage. So I'm not going mental or crazzy. So the answer my little friend is you are going to be just fine. Take it easy, but do try to walk around every hour on the hour, you don't want those jerky movements to wake you up in the middle of a nap.


kvc33 - October 24

It could be Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (PLMD). It usually occurs at rest and while sleeping. People who have this sometimes also have Restless Leg Syndrome. Look them up to see if it fits what you are going through.


Auvonto - October 25

i get involuntary muscle movements due to the Neuroton that i take. i was taking Lyrica and i has stopped taking it a few months back because it was causing the jerks in my legs and arms. then i was put on the Neuroton because it is more mild then the Lyrica i still had the jerks but not as bad and i stopped those as well. NOW my dr. put me back on them and i am seeing the jerking yet again. i dont like that feeling at all also they make me really sleepy. i used to have trouble driving because i would be falling asleep. i am having that problem again. i wasnt sure at the time that, that is what was causing me to get sleepy at the wheel. talk about dangerous OMG. i will really have to speak to my dr about this.i hope all is well with you toots2889 i will keep you in my prayers get better. :)


toots2889 - October 26

Hey all! Im still alive and up walking. I still am not suppose to lift anything over a fork in weight. That doesnt give me much to do at all. I was put on a cortizone pack for my back after the dog incident. It helped some but im still struggling with pain. I will be going to see my family dr. on Friday, so we will see what hes got to say. Thanks to all for the good wishes and prayers. Im really tired of not being able to do things for myself. I just keep telling myself that it wont be for to much longer.


Noca - October 26

Could be due to medications. I have involuntary movements in my body and tremors in my hands from 5 years of using Zyprexa.



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