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Need new meds!
6 Replies
Questa - April 3

I have been on amitryptiine for 26 years and find that it is no longer helpful (i take 100 to 200 mg. a night) I have gained at least 45 pounds through the years and crave sweets terribly, plus I am always constipated)
I have tried every anit- depressant on earth, but I can't take any on them but the amitryptiline- most made me feel psychotic and wired.
Tomorrow I am going to the Dr. and ask her about the posibility of takiing soma and ambien cr at bedtime to replace the anti-depressant. Is anyone else taking these meds and have they worked well?
(I have taken the soma and it works great for me, but have never taken ambien--and i need something for sleep- i wake up all night and seldom get a good night's rest-
Please advise and thanks much!!


JJ1 - April 5

Gosh, those doses of amitriptyline sound high! I take 50 mg, but have only been on it a couple of years. It seems to be working ok at this dose with no weight gain. I haven't tried anything else. Are you taking it for depression or to help you with sleep? Mine is prescribed to help me get into the deep REM sleep.


teresat - April 5

I agree with JJ those do seem like high doses, but if you have been on it for 26 yrs than maybe that is why the dose is so high. Never the less, it maybe time for a change! Anti-depressants can loose their effectiveness over a period of time & it seems like it's been a LONG TIME!! I tried amitriptyline for about a week & got the "psychotic, wired" feeling RIGHT OFF THE BAT!! I am now taking Cymbalta & it REALLY WORKS, (for me anyway)! I also take trazadone & xanax at with it at night. This has helped me a lot!!


jenny bawden - April 7

Hi Questa, I don't know if you are in the States (I guess so) I am in England and my GP has been treating me for nearly 15years for fibro, all I get is prednisolone between 5 and 15mg a day depending how I feel and an anti inflamatory, He did also prescribe amitriptyline, but I woke in the mornings as if a big black cloud was swarming around my head and felt sooooo depressed.. took myself off them. Basically I havn't a clue what else we have available over here in England and no one seems interested in helping. I recently went back to the DR because the pain was so bad and found my usual GP had left and saw someone else at the practice ... what did he say??? 'increase your steroids'. I battle with my weight due to difficulty in exercising and steroids so def don't like to increase the dosage.. I would also be pleased to hear of any other medication, but ofcourse what is available here in England.


teresat - April 8

I may be wrong about this Jenny, but I don't think that STEROIDS is the answer! I was given Medrol dose pack to see if I would respond to it, but only for a short time. It was also given because I have Lupus also. Steroids are for inflammatory symptoms & not generally used for long term therapy. I think I would try another clinic if you can, Jenny. Hope this help!!


mhuerta909 - April 8

I have tried the ambien and ambien cr. I have tried almost all sleeping meds. Some did make me feel psychotic. I am now taking lunesta, and to help me with the wired feeling, i am taking xanax. It is helping so far.


jenny bawden - April 9

Hi Teresat, thanx for your message, I am indeed going to look elsewhere for my treatment coz I don't seem to get anywhere at my present clinic. I am worried about being on steroids for so long... I am also going to look at Cymbalta.. has anyone else in England tried this?... thanx once again for your support.. sorry Questa I seem to have taken over your message a little bit.. please forgive.



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