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Need help with possibly new onset fibromyalgia
4 Replies
klambert17 - March 24

I am new to this site and had some questions regarding fibromyalgia. I am 36 and noticed some unusual symptoms 2 yrs ago. I have noticed that I have tender spots in my abdomen. I told my md that is it not under the muscle wall. They are very specific in place, I can put one finger on the spot and it hurts!! feels like a bruise. I have about 3-5 areas on my abdomen. I have noticed they have not disappeared over the years and I have had gi tests and ct with dye. All normal. I have noticed now I have tender spots on my inner thighs, about 2 on one leg, and 3 on the other. I also have 1 tender spot on each arm near my armpit. These spots are like "hot" spots once you find that certin pinpoint area and touch they hurt!! I suffer from mental fog, my memory is terrible. I do have frequent aggravating headaches, some turn into migraines. I tire easily, and my fatigue comes in spurts. Some days I have alot of energy then zap I am out of energy and stay tired for 2 to 3 days. The only other symptoms I have are senstive to cold, bladder irritation, feels like bladder inf, but not (went to md), IBS, and I do have severe disc degeneration in my lower spine which has caused my disc to rupture. (constant pain).
I went to see a gastro md yesterday and he mentioned fibromyalgia. Since I have looked the symptoms up, I think I may have it. Any help I would appreciate! I did notice you have certin areas that are common areas for diagnosing fibro., but mine are my abd, thighs, upper arms. It's not going away, I just thought my adb hurt from gaining a little weight and wearing tight clothes..hehe. I appreciate anyones opinion.
Thanks, and God bless!


Fantod - March 24

For a firm diagnosis of Fibromyalgia (FMS) you need to see a rheumotologist. To find a fibro-friendly rheumy in your area go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you can see a list of doctors in your area. Or, you can call your local hospital physician referral service and ask them for a recommendation to a rhuemy and/or a pain specialist (I have both) with an interest in FMS. Take copies of any recent tests and bloodwork to the appointment to save time and money. be sure that you get tested for a vitamin D deficiency which can cause widespread pain. This is done with a simple blood test.

Your symptoms may be related to FMS but there are only things that can mimic it (thyroid for one). Good luck and let us know the outcome.


ptalana - March 24

I have to agree with Fantod's advice in seeing a rheumatologist to get a diagnosis. Getting a definitive diagnosis however does involve eliminating other causes which could be related to the symptoms you're suffering from. I would suggest that you keep a diary of your symptoms and pain to take with you to your appointment. This along with your blood work and other test results as Fantod previously mentioned could help expedite getting you a diagnosis.
Please keep us posted on the outcome. Take care, Patty


lacie - March 25

I had symptoms of urinary tract infections for around a decade. I was often in urgent care where they would give me antibiotics, tell me it was a UTI, then I would find out later from my doctor that the urine culture was negative for a UTI.

My gynecologist recently diagnosed me with interstitial cystitis, which explained all my symptoms and the lack of infection. Maybe you could see a urologist and find out about this if the irritation is intense enough.


klambert17 - March 25

Thanks to all of your responses. My insurance allows me to see a specialist without a referral, so I will be calling one that I found tonight at work. Thank goodness for my gastro dr telling me it sounds like fms, because my regular md wanted to do a upper endo, they just won't listen to my symptoms..its muscle related, not anything deep in adbomen. By the way, do you have pin needle sensations all over your body? It feels like one needle at a time..quick little pricks. Hopefully I'm on the right path.
Thanks again!!



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