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Need help about feelings
4 Replies
Myriam - June 15

Hello All,
I have an issue with Fibro. I am new with this condition but I have a "beef" to pick with it. My pain level is not has bad as some of you, I believe. However, yesterday I was unable to go to work because I could not move my arm due to the amount of pain and I could not get up because of my lower back and hips. I over did it on Sunday and REALLY paid for it. So, I called in sick yesterday. And I FELT RIDICULOUS for not going to work because of Fibro. It's like I still dont accept this, I refuse to believe I am disabled. I can still walk and move and function (most days). I refuse to stop working. My work(fed gvt) seem to be understanding but I am afraid they will look down upon me because of my condition. And my husband, I know he understands, but sometimes the look on his face says "still sick??". For those of you still working, is there any routine, anything you do to help you continu to function? At night, do you do stuff or do you do nothing to keep your energy? Do you put yourself a limit? Someone, please help me. I know I am my worst enemy.
Thank you


Fantod - June 15

Myriam - You are your own worst enemy if you don't respect the limits that Fibromaylgia (FMS) places on your body. Staying home for one day is only the tip of the iceberg. The next time it may be a week or longer.

Learning to pace yourself is a crucial part of living with FMS. You don't have to stop working because you have it. But, you do need to respect your limits. I just listen to what my body is telling me. If it is registering "tired" than I stop what I am doing - immediately. Tomorrow is another day which I would rather enjoy to some degree than be entirely miserable. Nothing is as important as your health. At night, I am typically off of my feet reading, watching TV or using the computer. If there is an activity that I need to do in the evening, I usually have to save up some energy during the day to do it. And, if I am just having a bad day period, the activity gets cancelled.

You are going through the grieving process that accompanies a diagnosis of a chronic illness. I'd like to gently suggest that you consider seeing a counselor to help you work through some of the ramifications of chronic illness. Many of us see someone and find it helpful.

As for your employers looking down on you - that is ridiculous. You are ill and as such entitled to accomodation under the law. As long as you are able to do your job in a competent manner there should be no issue. And, part of that competency is being at work as scheduled.

Living with FMS is all about choices. I know that you are young and that you don't want to plan your life around being ill. Unfortunately, that is the reality of your situation. You can either learn to coexist in a peaceful manner or continue to experience the manifestations of pushing yourself too hard. I hope that comments are helpful to you in some way. Take care.


canadacalling - June 15

Myriam: You said it right, we are our worst enemy. I have been told that for years, and still I push, but darn it it is NOT worth the suffering the next day at all. I wish in hindsight I would have learned this when I did work, also for government. However, now that I am retired, I still push, but to a different extent. Listen to Fantod, she tells it like it is and is right on!!!


Myriam - June 15

Hi Fantod and Canadacalling, I know I am in denial. Soon , my work will be going down to 30hrs a week. I am looking forward to it as it may help me. However the money is giving one more stress factors. My husband says we'll be fine.
I refuse to call my self disabled. My best friend learn that I had this condition this week and she read a few things about it. We went shopping on Saturday and she kept asking me if I was ok! I know she means well. Canadacalling are you in Ottawa? If so, do you go see someone to talk?Who? or do you to a support group?


julissarodriguez - June 15


Fantod is so right.. Listen to your body. Although I have had Fibro for over 6 years now, I still have issues accepting I have this. Sometimes, due to this denial, I tend to overdo things, and do more than my body can take. As a result I pay for it pain-wize.. So, at night, I tend to do what Fantod says, I read, lay in bed with a warming blanket around my legs, and relax.. or try to relax as much as I can..




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