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axxie - February 1

Noca, I was just so happy for you when you reported that the doctor had finally figured out what your problems are.

Not so, you are in a bad way, get yourself to MacMaster and tell them what you are going through, the medication you are taking, and tell them you need to be admitted because of your major depression and the drugs you are taking.
Hopefully, they might, or may not. If not then it's time to call your doctor and ask him to get you admitted into a hospital group setting.

I wish you luck my dear and do write to us and let us know how you are feeling today. We worry about you and we are all worried about you.


ptalana - February 1

Noca, I just wish I was able to give you a hug! Please go to the hospital, tell them how your feeling don't wait, as Canada and Axxie have said there is no shame! You are going through so much right now, you really need this help asap.
Anytime, anything I can do please let me know I'm not that far from where you are.
Sending you love and hugs, Patty


Noca - February 2

Sat in the ER for 6 hours, then they sent me home. They just had a psychiatrist talk to me and calm me down. They told me they couldn't do anything other than admit me, that I should contact my doctors as they wouldn't change my meds. I saw their psych ward before, its like a prison and they treat you like an animal. Its nothing like the depression inpatient clinic that I've been before that takes forever to get into...

I see my own psychiatrist on thursday. I'm gonna push her to get me into the depression clinic.

I took the liberty of decreasing my own Adderall dose by 1/3. I managed to take in 1020 calories yesterday yay... about half the calories a regular person takes in.

My mood is sooo unstable. I go from feeling one moment to feeling completely different the next.

The depressed version of me is not aware of the undepressed version of me. Though the undepressed version of me is aware of the depressed version of me.

I hate life, why can't I be normal??



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