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rebekahvest - February 9

my dr. dianosed me with fibro. he said theres nothin he can do for me and really acting like its not ig deal i dont know what the next step is can you point me in the next direction like who else i would go to like paain manangement i dont know please help


islandguy - February 9

It's tough to meet new people under these circumstances but we all share a common bond here. Couple of ideas for you. I don't know where you live but you should search for a fibromyalgia support group in your area. Try calling asking the hospitals, pain clinics, or pharmacists for direction. There is no specific medication that works for everyone. Each case is treated differently. What works for one may not work for another. In saying that, the medical profession has approved "lyrica" for fibromyalgia and all reports are that it works for about 50% that try it. One of the major side effects of "lyrica" is weight gain. Also there are some depression pain medications that do work for some. If your doctor is not familiar on how to treat fibromyalgia then you should seek out another doctor that has had some experience with this disease. Good luck to you and much success in finding some treatments that work for your unique case. Always remember that you can come to this forum for support. Take care...because I care....


lmb2 - February 9

If you can request a referral, you should try to get one for a rhuematologist or a pain clinic. If your doc doesn't want to give you one, definitely find a new pcp doc! there are things that can be done to manage pain and lots of things you could try to help you feel better..... get a doc who knows that!!


meggie - February 9

Hi, your doctor should refer you to a neurologist, shame on your doctor for acting like its no big deal. If your doctor was able to diagnose fibro he should have been able to prescribe some meds for you to try and help ease your pain! Best wishes.


meggie - February 9

Sorry i meant rheumatologist!! Im awaiting a consultation with a neurolgist regarding my confusion and memory loss, im sure ill be told its 'all to do with your condition' but once you have fibro they blame EVERYTHING on it.


chloe3 - March 26

I was diagnosed with lupus and fibromyalgia ten years ago. I cannot count the doctors I have been to and the experiences I have had--some wonderful, but most horrendous. I always had a somewhat "super human" idea of doctors. I thought their words were right up there with those of God. I was taught early on never to question the doctor. Well, all of that went straight out the window when I was diagnosed. I have seen many doctors due, in part, to our being transferred to another state about every five years. However, finding a good, knowledgeable doctor is quite a feat. I have been to rheumatologists who knew less about my illnesses than I! The best advice I can share is to be proactive in your health care--I found it to be an absolute must. I have researched the internet to get as much information as possible, joined groups such as this one to share and gain insight, read as many books as possible, and I also keep a daily diary, which helps tremendously when speaking to doctors. I have learned to take a different approach when it comes to finding good doctors. I utilize my health insurance to get a list of doctors in the area. Then I make appointments to discuss my diagnosis and convey my health care concerns and expectations. I have found that it is not only imperative for the doctor to be knowledgeable concerning my personal diagnosis, but it is just as important that the doctor is truly interested and shows care and concern for me, as a human being and as a patient. Through this experience, the most important lesson I have learned is that the term "practicing medicine" is exactly what doctors are doing..."practicing" medicine. Doctors are learning new things every day and, if they are good doctors, they will not only welcome your ideas, suggestions, and opinions, but they will have respect for you and encourage you to interact with them. Look for a good doctor and don't give up until you find one. It makes all of the difference in your health care, as well as in your overall feeling for a hopeful and positive life with fibromyalgia.



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