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Need bed mattress, furniture advice
4 Replies
todbod45 - April 27

Hello, All--
I am a 50-year-old male with fibro in need of advice concerning mattresses--I need to purchase a new mattress and want to find the best possible mattress for fibromyalgia, if there is such a thing. I would also be interested in information on finding comfortable furniture. Thanks!


islandguy - April 28

I am also a guy in his mid fifties. Yikes..I even hate typing that ! Pillow top mattresses seem to work the best as they give you some extra comfort during sleep and a king size bed is better if you have a sleeping partner. All the tossing and turning during the night wouldn't keep waking your partner up if you have the space. ...... My big fat recliner seems to work the best. My recliner is a bit of an eye sore in the room as it has been around for some time.....but it's comfy and it's mine. I have had many threats from the wife about removing it....but it still remains in the home for now. All the new ones I try out just don't seem to be as comfy as my old reliable.
I hope this helps. With the right sleep aid and the proper meds....we all hope to get the rest we sooooooo need.
Take care....


Wonka - May 18

50 year old female here. I bought myself a memory foam topper mattress and loooooove it.


springhillfresh - May 24

You can try the Sleep Number matress. Although expensive I have found it to be worth it because you can adjust the firmness every night if you need to. Go to a Sleep Number store in the mall and try it out. As for furniture - I'm still looking!


LOVE2SHOP - May 28

After buying a memory foam mattress, and another generic brand mattress, and still finding no relief, I finally bought a Sterns and Foster Pillowtop Mattress and finally was able to rest. I still experience some pain during sleep, but believe me, this is the best mattress by far. I haven't tried the sleep number, but it sounds like a good idea too!



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