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Need advice. Should I have ovary removed?
8 Replies
FibroGal - September 14

I have fibro, but this is not directly fibro-related. This is a question I have for anyone who has ever had to have an ovary removed.

I have a history of cysts on my right ovary. I've had one removed two or three times now in the last few years. Now I've got another one and the doctor wants to take out the ovary. It seems the real reason to do that is to alleviate pain, which isn't all that bad except for during sex, and the fact the cysts come back and stay. (However, my doctor said he couldn't guarantee removal of the ovary would eliminate the pain).

I'm risk-aversive and I don't like the idea of having my ovary removed, but I guess the cyst won't go away and it will still cause me pain at some level.

Are any of you aware of any health risks in connection with having an ovary removed? I read things on the internet about having both ovaries removed increases risk of heart disease and lung cancer for some reason. That's with removal of both, though, I think.

I talked to the doctor at length but he said there are no such risks.

It's hard to know what to believe, and I've never had something that I was born with removed before.

I'd really like to hear from others if anyone here has ever had an ovary removed. Were there any unexpected complications or unintended results? Did it have any negative impact on your health? Did it, in fact, alleviate pain? Did it effect fertility?

Any advice, thoughts welcome and invited. Thank you.


pfiinch - September 14

Fibrogal I had one removed and within 6 month a total hysterectormy.Didn't youDr. suggest trying taking the pill?That is what mine did but I had endromitreosis so bad I didn't rally have that choice.I just know now I have to take hormone therapy evry 6 weeks or so.
When I had the first one done it still hurt to have sex.Yet I wasn't in castant pain until the endromitreosis really setin Ask about the pill or if there isn't any other way to solve this problem.My neice has this problem with the cyst but they think it is because she has an IUD in her.Good Luck and explore before you let them cut or use laser on you.

Godd Bless
Patti F.


FibroGal - September 15

Hi, Patti. Thank you for responding. I appreciate hearing from you. I hope you don't mind my looking for clarification: did you have the ovary removed because you had a cyst, too? Why did you have to have a hysterectomy? Was the hysterectomy because you had an ovary removed? Sorry for so many questions. I just don't know how else to connect with anyone who's had this done before. He didn't mention the pill. I was on the pill in my early 20s (I'm in my 40's now). I just hate the idea that I could get rid of my ovary to supposedly get rid of the pain and then still having the pain anyway. Again, thank you for your help. I appreciate hearing from you so much.


axxie - September 15

Hey FibroGal, may I suggest you ask for a second opinion, even a third.

Here's the situation, you won't find less pain once you have your ovary removed, that is plain facts. I had a total hysterectomy, everything out, I had cancer of the right ovary, the left was full of cysts and before you get all excited, please don't think that because you have cysts that's you will get cancer of the ovary.

cysts are grown because your hormone are out of whack, quite clearly you need several medical opinions before undergoing the removal of the ovary.

What you may want to do is, seek a female gyno opinion to see what else you may try, such as hormone therapy, such as the pill, not all pills are the same, so you may find this alternative a little daunting, and it won't reduce you're pain at the drop of a few pills, actually it's a longer process.

You may want to stop eating red meats, and start eating loads of soya, yes, you are reading this right, there was a very good article today in the new television show Dr. Oz. so maybe you can catch it.

Having a hysterectory will not help you, nor having one ovary help you with the pain from intercourse, as of today, I am in my 50's I still have pain with having a relation with my hubby, and I was 23 when I was the victim of cancer.

You get your ovary removed, and what happens, do you honestly think that in 6 weeks recovery time you'll be all better and you'll have great sex, what happens, then if you are still experiencing pain, will your'e gyno tell you let's remove the second one also, all well since you won't have anything, will remove everything, you still are going to have pain. Then what, you would have done all this for nothing to gain from it.

Sure the gyno tells you there are nothing to back up his analysis also, he's a man, they don't know what a women goes through. Trust me as a women who went through so many gyno, operations, chimo, radiation, and hormones to last me a lifetime, with moods going up and down like an elevator, trust me you don't want to start that one.

Then he's say's there's nothing backing up the evidence about having your'e ovaries removed will increase heart desease, breast cancer and lung cancer, do you really want to risk it. I firmly believe that there is a corollation, I said it back when I was 23 and I'm still saying it today, finally some experts come up with it.

As I write this, I just went through getting two cysts removed in my right breast, my ducts activities where two lousy steps away from being declared cancerous, guess what, now I have to wait till december before the surgeon goes back in, my surgeon by the way is a women, and she even backs up the revolation that ovaries do play a big part in the women's life.

Get different opinions and go slow girl, yes, I understand it hurts having sex, but that can be accommodated with a sex therapist believe it or not.

Keep your head down, hold on to your heart, you'll be allright!, just go slowly in this process and get many opinion, and then slowly find your solutions.

We'll always be here for you girl!



axxie - September 15

Another question you should ask yourself about the cysts are do you have or do you have diabetes, pre-diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, maybe have high blood pressure, how are your LDL and HDL.

There is research that indicates, that if you have or close to having diabetes or have hbpressure or have problems with your cholesterol, with treatments you may see your symptoms disapear. You may want to talk to your primary doctor and see if that is the case.


pfiinch - September 15

Actually by the time we got finished they took everything that could be done.I still have problem with the sex pain and also don't lubricate very well.I just think you really need to do as Fibrogal said see a female obgyn.They know more than the men Dr.s.The cysts were so big I couldn't beleive my eyes when he showed me the pictures.The hysterectormy had to be done because of the size of cyst and I had them in my walls in my uterus also.I really wished there was a better approach for mine but it just had to be done.There is so much involved to this problem it just sucks to be a woman at times.Like we suggested you have dealt with it this long take your time to explore every avenue you can.I will say some of the pain has gone most of the time ,but it can reacurr.So Talk very open and log what happens to you so you and your new Dr. can find some better answers that maybe out there.Good Luck and God Bless.Oh and talk to your man and say something to the effect of the pain might feel like someone has put a knife or item in is penis.You know him so try and help him look at it in some way that he has been in pain.


FibroGal - October 3

Ladies, I'm sorry for this belated response but I have been spending this time reading your feedback, thinking, and praying on this decision. I want to thank you all of you for being so open and sharing your personal stories with me.

My surgery was scheduled for today. I decided I was not ready to have the ovary removed, based in part from what I had learned from all of you. I wanted my doctor to drain the cyst as he had done before. He told me yesterday that he wouldn't because historically the cyst returns. However, we decided not do anything right now.

I am disappointed he won't drain the cyst, because it would relieve my pain. Also, I can't help but wonder why he is so set against draining it because, obviously, he would still be paid for the procedure. However, I am relieved I am keeping the ovary.

I thank you all again so much for sharing your intimate experiences. I know it is going to continue to hurt to have sex and that's a bummer because it makes me not want to. But pain during sex is part of fibro, too, anyway, isn't it? So I would hate to have had my ovary removed for that only to find out I was minus an ovary and still in pain.

I appreciate what each and every one of you have been through and I want to extend to you my compassion and understanding.

Thanks again. :)


axxie - October 3

Hey FibroGal, has your obgyn give you anything for stopping the sexual pain you are experiencing. Estrogen treatments can be applied directly to the viginal area, the treatments are for women who are experiencing vaginal dryness, itchiness, burning and pain during intercourse. The estrogen is a safe low dose and will only affect the immediate area, the advantage is that it can relieve vaginal symptoms without exposing the entire body to high dose, it's save way for a women who cannot get any relief.

Oral contraceptive/birth control pill use decreases the risk of developing ovarian cysts, because it prevents the ovaries from producing eggs during ovulation, this might give you some time to try creams to help you with less pain during intercourse. It almost instant, relief.

Please seek another unanswered questions. What you want to do is achieve a well balanced life. Bring with you, a history of previous ovarian cysts. Lower abdominal or pelvic pain, which may start and top and may be severe, sudden or sharp. Irregular menstrual periods, feeling of lower abdominal or pelvic pressure or fullness. Long-term pelvic pain during menstrual period that my also be felt in the lower back. Pelvic pain after excercise or sexual intercourse.

Ask for a endovaginal ultrasound, to examine the pelvic organs, it's painless and much better tool to find what kind of cyst you have. Functional ovarian cysts are the most common type of ovarian cyst. They usually disappear by themselves and seldom require treatment. Growths that become abnormally large or last longer than a few months should be removed (the growth not the ovary) or examined to determine if they are in fact something more harmful. As for prevention of cysts, little medical information is available, and smoking is not found to be a risk factor for their development.

I hope you find relief and that your next doctor can explain to you the pros and cons and that you feel comfortable with whatever action you take.

Good luck and lets us know.


newbie09 - October 4

I've had my left ovary removed due to a very large dermo cyst which I think burst. Hence complications which meant 3 weeks in hospital and in agony pain. I don't think there was any side effect from the removal. However, I think that because of the burst cyst and prolonged complication, also picked up a virus in hospital after the operation..the recovery was very slow. I also have CFS, diagnosed last year although I think the symptoms were longer. My health or fitness level was never the same after the op.

Hope this helps without wanting to worry you. Take care.



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