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Need a Dr that treats IBS and Fibro.
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SueQueBlue - March 21

I have had a mild case of IBS for years, but after my gall bladder was removed in June, it has gotten 10 times worse, along with being dx'd with Fibro. From what I have read on this site, having both can be difficult to treat.

Just curious for those that have both, do you see a separate dr for each condition, or are able to find a dr that can treat all the symptoms?

Any info is greatly appreciated.


Fantod - March 21

Yiou need to see a gastro specialist for the IBS and a rheumotologist for Fibromyalgia. It is pretty difficult to find one person to treat everything and do it effectively. I have a small army of doctors to keep track of my various ailments. I dislike having to drive all over the planet but I feel like I get better care as each one of them is a specialist in their field. Take care.


Noca - March 22

Have either of you had any endoscopies for stomach issues? My gastro specialist wanted to do some but I'm too afraid to do it.


Fantod - March 22

No, but my sister who also has a raging case of GERD has had it done several times. She has some erosion in her throat which must be watched closely. For the most part, she comes through it just fine. A bit of a sore throat and thats about it. She says it is the only time that she actually gets some decent sleep.


Noca - March 22

Did your sister need to be anesthetized? How do they shove a scope down your throat without you gagging on it/choking to death?


ptalana - March 22

Hi SueQueBlue, I have both Fms and a severe case of Gerd and Ibs, as well as so many others.... I have separate specialists who treat each individual disorder. I see a gastro specialist for all my stomach issues, and have under gone just about every procedure out there. Due to the neck injury I sustained in my accident I can't be intubated so no general for me:( They do medicate me so much that I have no memory of any of the procedures.
My gastro specialist has me on Pantoloc for my symptoms, this seems to help.
Take care, Patty


Fantod - March 22

Noca - Yes, they put her under and she has no memory of anything that occured. I'll see her today and ask her to give me more details. Stand by for more info.


axxie - March 22

OH God, I had that endoscopies shoved down my throat, I was so combative that they actually had to sedate me. Yukky procedure if you ask me. The gastro specialist should also be able to treat your IBS.

Pantoloc not bad but I need to take two of those pills so the doctor got me on something else, which I cannot for the life remember what it is at the moment. I'll return tomorrow with the name......


SueQueBlue - March 23

I have had an upper endoscopy done-it just showed inflammation in my stomach. I have not had a colonoscopy yet-that's probably next. I am being referred to UC Davis in Sacramento as my Internal Medicine dr here has done about what she can do, and I seem to be getting worse.



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