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Need A Better Doctor
3 Replies
Angela - January 6

Hey all,
I've been seeing my Pain Management doctor for almost two years now, after going through doctor after doctor. I'm sure many of you understand that, then I was finally told to go to pain management (didn't even know there was such a thing). Okay so I've been there a year. My doctor has me on Lortab 10/500 four times a day and Ultram for painful periods. I've mentioned to him that the meds aren't helping very much. My primary care provider was giving me the same thing at the same dose a year prior to my seeing the pain specialist. Well he's done nothing to change the dosing. I feel timid about bringing the matter up in the first place. Also, on top of that the office he works in isn't run very well. I call to leave messages about medications and they get relayed to him wrong so the next time I go he's fussing at me about my medications. I'm always having to correct what the nurses have told him. Then this past Wed. evening I get a call from his office saying that I have to be in the next day for a "pill count", this is something they've never asked me to do. I told the woman that called that I had no transportation and couldn't get there until probably Monday. My husband is working VERY long hours right now and we only have one car between us. She then informs me that if I don't show up in 24 hours "as per my contract" that I COULD be discharged as a patient. She then told me she would speak with the doctor and get back to me. It's Saturday night and I still haven't heard from them, even though I left two messages with his office between Wed. Evening and Friday. This has of course made me nervous. I have my meds here I just can't get them there until Monday afternoon. Even then it's going to have to be my husband that takes them in on his lunch break at work (which he has to switch with someone else by the way). Anyway I'm tired of this stuff and would really like advice as to how to find a good doctor that will take my pain seriously. I have fibro among a few other things..spinal stenosis and a bum shoulder and knees. Thanks for your input and for reading such a long post.


Jean - January 3

Hi Angela: Well it sounds to me like you need to find another doctor. Look around for a Rheumatologist that will diagnose and help you with the pain. Now, they are not primary care physicians so you may want to also find a primary care. In your search ask the questions like, does this doctor know and treat fibrmyalgia? If not you go somewhere else. Most doctors do not like to give out opnoids, which are stronger control substances for severe pain and you need to be monitored on them. If you ask to much of your doctor on these types of medications then you will have problems. I suggest for you to keep a pain journal every day so when you see your new physician he/she will know how to treat you and also remember while switching doctors take your medical records with you for your new doctor so he/she can get a complete picture of what has been going on with you. This is very hard and every one of us have had these types of problems. Hang in there and do come back and talk with us. Have a Happy New Year knowing there is hope in feeling better. :) smile


Andrea - January 3

Depending on where you live, if your from michigan, email me at [email protected] and I can give you the name of a good pain managent doctor who deals with fibromyalgia, and a good internist who also deals with fibromyalgia..but if your not in michigan i can't help you out sorry...


Catrina - January 6

See if there is an office near you for The Fibro and Fatigue Centers.
They do soo many tests "normal" doctors dont do! Check it out, the centers are a Godsend! I went through pain management and they just made me worse. You can email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.



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