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Nee_ster310 Is spamming
6 Replies
kvc33 - September 12

This new person has posted virtually the same post on many threads and is trying to sell a product. Be forewarned.


lucky13 - September 12

This is very aggravating, it is abviously spam since each post it just a few minutes apart and each post is the same, only changing the name.
Is there a way to notify a moderator to have these removed or at least looked into and Nee_ster310 notified no to do this?


kvc33 - September 12

I have reported it. It remains to be seen whether or not it will be removed.


January - September 13

Hi lucky - I reported it too - scroll to the bottom and hit "contact us," and then send a note to the editor of the site. Spam, spam, spam….


Nee_ster310 - September 14

I am sorry if I did something wrong. This is not a spam. I am simply giving you the info that helped me and my mother. Its the same story so I posted it to as many peoples forums. Is it wrong that I forward this same info to everyone? Here are some testimonial that you can look at as well that I just found.
Youtube - look up (Kyani and fibromyalgia)

Once again, I am truly sorry if I came off the wrong way. Our lives are changed especially my mom. I would like to just give this info to people that really need it. If not, then no one needs to try it.


January - September 14

Yes, nee_ster, what you have been doing IS spamming. ONE message is sufficient. You don't need to post it over and over again.

I think you have made your point, in fact you have really OVERDONE it on making your point. Please don't do this again, most of us find it very annoying. We have ongoing discussions here, and it's difficult to be repeatedly interrupted by your "story." This is not a website for salespeople and obviously, you are selling this product.

What you are doing is called SPAMMING, and it is not tolerated by most people. Maybe you are new and don't know yet. You may be blocked from websites if you continue to behave this way.


Nee_ster310 - September 14

I get wat ur saying... spam spam spam. I didnt understand that telln my story was bad. I wont stop tellin my expeirieInce and no IM NOT A SALESMAN. I dont know the 1st thing on how to be one. Ill participate in the forums but i wont forward my story around.



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