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Neck Support?
4 Replies
bmcgovern - January 22

Every night i sleep i wake up through out the night with my neck hurting a lot and my back, but i think part of it is my pillow i need more support on my neck. Does anyone know any really good pillows that can help reduce the pain in the neck while sleeping and if so how much would a good pillow cost?


smurf - January 22

I went to a arthritic therapist who has made me a neck support - it was fairly simple out of stuffing and a almost like a stocking.. if you wantmore details I can let you know. It helps me somewhat when I have horrible headaches as well. I also used an amazing pillow at the sleep clinic and I wanted to bring it home. You may be able to ask someone at a chiropractic office. I am not too sure where you live but I am in Canada and the arthritis society is really helpful here. I know the pillows are expensive but sleep is crucial for us. Good luck and hope you get some nice zzzzs


axxie - January 23

An easy one, is to roll a bath towel to the size you need for your neck. There are all kinds of neck support pillows some with memory foam. There are therapeutica pillows. You can also try a those travel pillows, just small enough to put in the crevices of your neck.

You can get a good pillow at walmart, try that one, if it doesn't do anything you can always return it, they refund everything.

A good chiropractor will manipulate and adjust your back and neck, where you will find works just as well.

pillows can range in price from the low 30's to as high as 400.00 dollar range. Try rolling a small towel, if that doesn't do the trick then go to walmart and try their support pillows, at least if it doesn't work, you can always return it and get a refund. Other store, sometimes won't refund.

Good luck to you


Noca - January 23

I tried one of those memory foam expensive pillows, I didn't like it. I sleep on my stomach so when I tried to lay my head on the pillow my head sunk in so low that I couldn't breathe. All depends on what position you sleep in as to what pillow best suits you.


Duo - February 28

My neck pillow goes everywhere with me - wouldn't be without it. Bought it from disablity shop - it is made from memory foam and fits into the contour of your neck. Not cheap - I have three all different density for different periods when pain is ranging from unbearable to not too bad !!! and paid from £39 to £79 but worth every penny. Good luck.



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