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Neck pain, etc...
18 Replies
JoniB - March 7

Hello. I had the MRI yesterday. The nurse called me today and told me I have a herniated disk and arthritic spurs in my C-5 & C-6. This is affecting the nerves in my upper trunk. I had been blaming all my pain on the fibro and thought I just had to live with severe pain. I don't know why the Dr's didn't catch it sooner. Now I will go to a pain management clinic & they will decide what to do from here. Surgery may be an option.


Fantod - March 8

Hello JoniB - I think we all go through spells like this to some degree or another. FMS has forced me to declutter my life. I may be miserable physically but I am also liberated. I now know for certain what is actually important and what can just go and pound sand. I would like to suggest that you look into determining if you have TMD or TMJ as it used to be called. Some of the symptoms you have described can be attributed to that problem. You need to find a good dentist that treats it. You may be clendching or grinding and unaware of the issue. Try some moist heat to see if that gives you some relief. I just want you to know that someone is listening. Wishing you better days ahead.


JoniB - September 21

Hello everyone. It has been awhile since I've been on here and so much has happened. I went to the pain clinic for about 1 year. Still had a lot of pain as the trigger point shots would last about 3-4 weeks. I did feel better for that short time but it was just masking the pain. This year has been the "year from hell" for me. I've had 3 surgeries. The worst being on my neck. The other two removing vericose veins from both legs. Also, my daughter moved out a year ago for college. February this year before my surgery my X "took" my 15 yr old son from me when I have primary custody. He bribed and coerced him and now is allienating him from me. I did find thru research that it is Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS). We had a NASTY custody battle on April 15. I could not afford to take my attorney to court and Legal Aid would not represent me. I hurt so bad and have never experienced so much grief in my life! The judgement came in May and I lost custody of my son whom I have raised his entire life. It hurts so bad...My attorney sent in an appeal to the Appeals Court regarding my disability about 18 months ago, no answer yet. In the meantime I started a new application, been denied twice and am waiting till sometime next year to see the Administrative Law Judge again. I haven't been able to heal properly from all the stress and the fibro is sooooo bad. The headaches/migraines and nerve pain are the worst, besides the depression. The only good thing is my parents came to stay with me (from Texas) since Aug 13. I've filed Contempt of Court on my X and had him seved for Not letting me have my liberal visitations. I did not get my 3 weeks over the summer, every other weekend or 1 night per week. He has robbed me from over 60 days of seeing my son just since the ruling in May. My dauter won't talk to me as she has been bribed and in on the PAS. There is NO reason why she shouldn't see me. My life is spinning out of control. I am going to see an attorney this afternoon, counselor and Dr. this afternoon. Please pray for me and my family! Thank you.



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