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Neck pain/Burning?
13 Replies
bmcgovern - March 8

My neck, shoulders and back are killing me, but recently i have noticed a burning in the base of my neck into the shoulders a little and i have never had that happen is this normal for Fibromyalgia? I am getting ready to start my period and i always seem to get a flare up before it and am feeling it coming on but i was wondering if about the burning.


tnichel - March 8

Yes. The majority of my pain is in my neck and shoulders. In fact, that's what drove me to a pain mgmt. My neck muscle get so tight sometimes they cause really bad My internal med said to where a cervical collar. I try to do neck and shoulder stresses every night. Heat therapy really helps. Try a bed buddy or some other heating pad. Cheap pain patches at the dollar store help when I'm at work. I get lidocaine injections in my neck, shoulders and back to help break up the knots. look for self-massage techniques online. Also, a lot of neck and shoulder pain can also be tied to TMJ. I know mine is. I massage the sides of my neck with my hands but you have to be careful about your lymph nodes. You can search the web for jaw stretches for tmj. Massages really help too, if you can afford them. Or just invest in a massage chair or an all-over massager from walgreens. I have both.


ptalana - March 8

Hi bmcgovern, what you have described sounds like trigger point pain/myofascial pain. I also have both, my Tmj seems to be affected by this the most. But I do have the severe neck pain and burning as well. I also wear a neck brace when the pain is so great that my neck can't support the weight of my head. My brace has also helped when my vertigo is too much to handle.
You may want to google myofascial pain, this may give you some answers that you can take to your doctor.
I totally agree with tnichel in regards to massage and heat helping with your symptoms. I am still waiting for approval for the injections I've heard that these can help a great deal.
I hope this helps a little, doing the research is imperative in taking control of your health. I know my pcp appreciates my input as he doesn't know everything fibro encompasses.
I hear you in regards to your cycle bringing on flare ups. I always end up with a severe migraine that at times can last five or more days! Just another fibro perk, lovely:(
Wishing you well and sending you gentle hugs, Patty


belle1329 - March 8

I understand about the burning, I too sometimes have burning on my skin, even when Im not having pain in that area. Feels like a sunburn.


belle1329 - March 8

Came up with this when I put in a search on this site.
Research on Fibromyalgia Skin Sensitivities


Does your skin burn or itch? Do you frequently get rashes that just won’t go away? According to Charles Lapp, M.D., who treats hundreds of people with fibromyalgia syndrome (FMS) at his center in Charlotte, NC, "fibromyalgia-related rashes occur in the majority of patients that I see." Lapp, along with another experienced physician, Daniel Wallace, M.D., of UCLA, offer their clinical advice about the possible causes and potential treatments for your skin-related problems in the October 2006 issue of the Fibromyalgia Network Journal. But first, what is it about your skin and its related tissues that make them so sensitive? Studies during the past 20 years may help explain why your skin is such a nagging issue.

•Xavier Caro, M.D., of Northridge, CA, performed most of the early research in this field to show that there was a high concentration of immune-reactive proteins in the area just beneath the surface of the skin. He theorized that these proteins had escaped through larger-than-normal pores in the blood vessels supplying the skin, and they could be a source of immunological reactions because the body would view them as "foreign" substances in the skin tissues (i.e., it is not normal for these proteins to pass through the blood vessels).
•Although Caro's findings point to an immunological disruption in the skin of patients with fibromyalgia, they are commonly seen in conditions where the microcirculation (the capillaries and small blood vessels) has undergone changes. In 2004, Haiko Sprott, M.D., of Switzerland, reported that the number of capillaries in the skin of fibromyalgia patients were significantly reduced and irregular in shape. The amount of blood flow to the peripheral tissues (such as the skin) was substantially reduced as well.
•A Swedish team found a fourfold increase in the number of mast cells in the skin of fibromyalgia patients. Mast cells, part of the immune system, are filled with many chemicals such as histamine and cytokines (both can cause painful irritation in the surrounding tissues when released from the mast cells). Neurological impulses can cause mast cells to dump their contents (degranulate), eliciting a neuro-immune response. The authors of this study point out that, perplexing, the mast cells are degranulated in areas where the skin looks "normal." In other words, the surface of the skin does not convey the immunological, neurological, and blood flow abnormalities that are occurring in the tissues below!
Taken together, the above findings may help explain why you are often troubled with rashes that are difficult-to-treat.
Even if the skin appears normal on the surface, there is a lot going on beneath the surface to fuel your skin irritations and itchy/burning sensations.


bmcgovern - March 8

Thanks everyone for replying to my post. All your information is helpful. I do use a heat pad and get massages and usually take Ibuprofen. I am just in so much pain in my neck, shoulders and back. I am going to see if i can get a massage either today or tomorrow to see if that will help loosen up the muscles. I always have pain there, but its always worse before the period and in the mornings. I have the worst morning stiffness everyday. I was told that i have the start of TMJ. My jaw pops all the time. Sometimes locks up but does cause pain. I will look into some jaw stretches to see if that helps. Thanks everyone. :)


ptalana - March 9

Forgot to mention that it was suggested to me to gently chew gum for my Tmj, this does see to help in loosening my jaw. Just have to be careful as chewing too much can also aggravate my jaw.
Wishing you the best, Patty:)


tnichel - March 10

Tramadol takes the edge off for me. Tylenol and motrin is just like candy and doesn't work at all.

Ptlana, I've always been told gum is the worst enemy of someone with tmj. Instead my dentist coahsed me on jaw stretches that work really well. If you have tmj and like to sing...don't unless it's in your head. I don't know why but it agitates tmj. Once they clear you for injections you won't remember how you got along without them.

bmcgovern, don't discount tmj. It really can cause most, if not all of your neck pain as others have already said.


Canada17 - March 10


Thank you for sharing your findings! It does explain quite a bit about my reactions. It is as though I am allergic to a lot of different products from clothing to creams but when I had allergy testing done, nothing showed up. So now no one believes that I have allergies.

Regardless of whether something shows up on the tests or not, if I get an itchy rash that to me is an allergic reaction.


belle1329 - April 28

HI Canada17
Im glad the info helped, I hope u are well, I just read your reply, Sometimes its hard to keep track of the questions and answers here and where you replied to something. But good to hear it helped.


lstonge - June 9

I have major neck/shoulder and back pain. When things are really flared up the pain refers into my jaw and even to the top of my head. I use my mouth guard at night when my jaw pain is bad. You may try seeing your dentist and getting fitted for a mouth guard. You could be clenching and grinding at night and not know it. That is a cause of neck pain for sure.

I agree with ptalana, you could also have some active trigger points that are referring pain into your neck and other areas. I bought the Trigger Point Therapy Workbook and it helped me locate the active trigger points. This is really helpful when I see my Physiatrist.

Good luck!


dsm8122 - June 24

Best thing for my neck pain has been massage but you have to do it consistently for awhile. Go to a therapist who specializes in medical message not relaxation massage. My chiro tells me to ice it every few days to help maintain it. Good luck!


Stacey373 - June 24

Just wondering...Would one of those Trigger Point Therapy Workbooks help with my husband rubbing my neck, shoulders, jaw, and arms? I'm thinking if he had one of those books he would better understand "where" to focus when he's giving me a massage. he's an artist and is currently in Art School and he just took an anatomy class that actually helped him better understand where to massage and where the muscle are and what-not.

I keep hearing about this book and if it would help me in this way, I will definately look in to buying it! Thanks, Stacey :o)


TinaStevenson - May 27

Majority of the neck pain in fibromyalgia gives the burning sensation. its better to consult a professional doctor.



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