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neck pain
6 Replies
SallyB - April 29

Hi: I'm new to the forum, and hope someone can help me.
I'm taking a Medical Transcription class online. I really enjoy it, but am having a HORRIBLE bout of neck/upper back pain whenever I'm on the computer. I'm starting to worry I've made a terrible mistake taking this course with my Fibromyalgia, and wonder how I'll even manage to work P/T once I graduate.
I take Gabapentin, have an adjustable, comfortable chair, have adjusted my computer screen, have applied 'icy hot' type gels and tied a scarf around my neck before I start typing. Also tried a hot bath and heating pad, and a microwaved heated neck rest, but nothing seems to help. I live in MN and it's worse in cold, damp weather. Even now it's in the 40's and I get pain after about 10 minutes of typing. (Dr. tells me to move South!)
Is there such a thing as a heated piece of cloth or such which could cover the back of my neck/upper back and stay in place while I type? Any help appreciated!


Kristin A. - April 30

I recommend a good message therapist. Message therapy is not "a luxury" when you have fibromyalgia, it is a must! I have also found that taking frequent breaks, standing up and stretching both of my arms back behind me really helps.


llcsmom - May 1

There are those disposable heat packs. They are in a seled package and when you open the package, and expose the pad to air, there are small discs inside that heat up. It has an adhesive side, so it stays in place and stays warm for about 6 hours. They are sold over the counter in the arthritis and pain cream and ointment area. Also, by prescription you can get lidocaine patches (lidocaine is a local anesthetic) . They don't heat up but they numb the area. You keep them on for 12 hours and then have them off for 12 hours. Also, I agree that you have to stretch when sitting in one position for awhile. I read somewhere that you should change your position, or stretch, or get up and walk for at least one minute, every 20 minutes that you are sitting, standing, etc. in one position.


SallyB - May 2

Those are great ideas! Thank you.


Fantod - May 2

Hi SallyB - Are you sure that there is not some sort of a preexisting problem with your spine? I would definitely have that checked out. I had debilitating pain in both hips that turned out to be disc failure. Here is another potential solution for your pain. Ask your doctor to write you a script for Ketoprofen topical cream. It can be made in 10, 20 or 30% strengths. Lidocaine can be added to it as well. This has to be made by a compound pharmacy. If there is not one close to your home, the script can be faxed and they will mail the medicine to you. Ketoprofen is a pain killing cream that does not get into your bloodstream. It should always be applied to clean skin. Use rubbing alcohol prior to each use or put it on right after you get out of the shower. It works best on warm, clean skin. Never layer Ketoprofen, it will not work as well. You can put a layer of saran wrap over the affected area after applying Ketoprofen for NOT MORE than 2 hours. This will really help the cream absorb into the skin and make it more effective. I use 20% strength regularly and it has been a lifesaver.


llcsmom - May 4

By the way, I forgot to mention that the disposable heating pads come in different shapes for different areas of the body. On e shape is meant tor the neck and shoulder area.
Ketoprofen cream sounds good, too. My daughter with FM is 11, so I am always on the lookout for things other than pills for her to take. She already takes a few medications, so anything that doesn't interfere and can help with the pain is great!


Wonka - May 18

I can only spend short bouts on the computer because of neck pain. I have FMS and arthitis in my neck, and I have celiac disease. When I eat gluten I get an increase in my neck pain, back, shoulder, elbows and knees, feet (basically my whole body is in incredible pain), high anxiety and the other typical celiac symptoms (bloating , gas, nausea etc...).
I have found that the gluten free diet has improved the amount of pain that I have significantly.



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