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Neck pain
4 Replies
Kimber2270 - April 26

Has anyone had pain in their neck like a charlie horse? I woke up with it and can't move my head to the right without a shooting pain like a charlie horse.


Fantod - April 26

Hello - I have some problems with neck pain. Often I will have a goose egg sized lump on one side of my neck or the other at the base. It is a muscle that is is spasmed into a trigger point. It usually resolves itself with some moist heat or a sports cream rub (Ben Gay) etc. I would suspect the same sort of thing happened to you. Try moist heat and see if it helps. I hope you feel better soon.


Kimber2270 - April 27

Thanks for responding. Yes, I do have a trigger point at the base and I usually get a migraine if it is tender or swollen. I think this time, the triggered point is swollen and the muscle going down my neck is spasmed instead. I will try the heat and see if it works.


hollyholthaus - May 13

I get the same thing, except it WILL NOT go away this time. I get the big muscle knots in my neck, there are lymph nodes in there sitting right on the muscles the dr said too. From my shoulders all the way up both sides of neck to behind my jaw, and from mid back up over base of my head. Get the sharp pains when I turn head wrong, and headaches and nausea from all the pain. I've tried everything I think, am trying Lyrica one more time, but called Dr. again at end of rope today. Vicodin is the only thing that helps at all, and doesn't really help with the muscle pain, just the headache. Am getting referred to rheumatologist in next week or so. Did you find any relief? I have a handheld TENS unit as well that I use that helps some until I take it off, lol. But I'm at the "I can't take it anymore" point and want to get some semblance of my life back!


January - May 13

Have you tried getting trigger point injections with something like lidocaine? (I hear they also use Botox to help with muscle spasms causing migraines.) Lidocaine worked for me. An anesthesiologist gave me many small injections at one time into my trigger points, going very slowly to numb me as he went - and using a fine bore needle. It worked well. Later, I asked a regular doctor to inject a trigger point, and he just stuck me once, and fast, with a large bore needle - it did NOT help! So get someone who knows what they're doing!)

A good massage therapist, along with the trigger point injections might help cure your problem.

Lyrica is a drug that targets neuropathic pain (like that caused by diabetes and shingles) -- I'm not sure it will help what you are describing. From what you said, I'm guessing Vicodin is probably more effective?



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