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Navigating medical system
2 Replies
Rita - January 16

Recently diagnosed with fibro, should rheumotologist be primary Dr for management. I had seen rheumo who diagnosed me but told me there was nothing she could do for me, gave me a trigger point injection which did not help. Should I find another rheumo or just deal with my primary MD at this point. In extreme pain, especially neck and left wrist and hand. All over body aches, debilitating fatigue, memory impairment, currently on medical leave, I am an RN and feel as if I have hit a brick wall, none of my symptoms have been addressed, so far the most helpful has been my chiropractor who has also referred me to a neurologist who said he didn't see any neurological deficits but ordered MRI to rule out MS. I am completely puzzled and very afraid. Any and all comments are greatly appreciated.


Louise - January 15

Rita, I'm new with this also. I see people saying having the right doctor , I figure since we are paying them to do a service for us , that they have learned, not born a God , not knowing everything, puts us in a postion of more involment , so learning as much as we can about this, will help us learn how to help our selves, Thankfully my family suports me and try"s to understand. And since this isn't really life threatening, don't be afraid as from what I see here you're not alone.


Jean - January 16

That seems to be the protocol. Have to rule out MS. Even though anMRI is given doesn't always mean you won't develope it, that's what I have read but probably a good thing to do anyway. Your Rheumatologist should get back to your primary care to inform him of his findings because he will be the one to monitor your medications and if you go on a antidepressant I would see a psychiatris as they no about thses types of medications and can monitor you monthly on them because it takes from two weeks to maybe a year being on this type of medication to help with the Fibro's anxieties and depression which often occurs. I would talk to your doctor to get this verified for your own peace of mind. I can only tell you of my experiences with certain drugs and treatments and I can tell you it has not been a peice of cake. You have to work at it. Hope all works out for you. Keep in touch.



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