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bmcgovern - December 28

Does anyone just randomly get nauseated out of nowhere? I have a bad stomach so i get nauseated very easily. I have gone on a diet and cut out Sugar, Greasy Foods, Dairy, Gluten, Red Meat. I woke up this morning feeling alright and being awake for 20 minutes and just out of nowhere got nauseated haven't ate anything. Does anyone know what to take that helps calm the nausea?


Noca - December 28

What meds you on? Opioids can cause nausea as a side effect.

Nausea treatment meds such as Prochlorperazine(Stemetil at like $0.10/pill), Ondansetron(Zofran expensive at $14/pill), or Aprepitant(Emend REALLY expensive at $75.90/pill).

Stemetil is the weakest of the three, Zofran is really strong but only works for 2-3 days in a row before you need to give it a break. As for Emend, it is the strongest anti-emetic(anti-nausea pill) on Earth. Emend will liberate you from ANY nausea, it also has anti-depressant and anxiolytic(anti-anxiety) properties but its cost is the most expensive drug I've ever seen (and i worked in a pharmacy). On Emend's website they even says "People accept the fact that chemotherapy will cause nasuea and vomiting. We find that unacceptable" lol

If you have no insurance try Stemetil, if you have insurance that covers 80% or so, try Zofran, if you have an insurance that covers 100% of meds regardless of what they are, use Emend.

Even though Zofran and Emend are label used for chemotherapy nausea, you can still get it on an off-label prescription from your doctor for opioid induced nausea or other cause of nausea/vomiting. These drugs are not controlled substances and your doctor shouldnt give you any problem about asking for them. Only problem is, the doctor may not know what Zofran or Emend is. You may wanna do some research on them, and bring a prescibiing information printout from the pharmaceutical companies website(respective to whoever makes each drug) to show your doctor.

Hope this helps.


Noca - December 28

Here is some more information about treating nausea/vomiting from MERCK's website

"Fight back with food strategies.

Although eating may be the last thing on your mind, food may help you cope with nausea and vomiting.

* Eat light meals, especially before your treatment, unless you felt nauseated during a previous treatment.
* Try to eat several small meals throughout the day instead of 2 or 3 large ones.
* Do not force yourself to eat when you feel nauseated.
* Take your time; chew slowly and thoroughly.
* If you feel ill in the morning, nibble on dry, bland foods like cereal, toast, and crackers before you get up.
* Skip sweet, fried, and fatty foods altogether.
* Avoid strong cooking odors by using the microwave instead of the stove or oven.
* Try eating food cold or at room temperature.
* Avoid lying flat for at least 2 hours after eating. Instead, rest in a chair.
* Choose caffeine-free teas, flat ginger ale, and cool, clear unsweetened juices, such as apple and white grape.

Think it through.

Some strategies may help you cope with nausea and vomiting by distracting attention, promoting relaxation, and reducing feelings of helplessness. Some formal approaches include:

* Hypnosis. A state of focused attention, hypnosis may make you feel deeply relaxed.
* Progressive muscle relaxation. This therapy teaches you how to progressively tense and relax certain muscle groups to promote an overall feeling of relaxation.
* Biofeedback. Biofeedback teaches you how to control body functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tension. By preventing skin temperature changes that often precede nausea and vomiting, you may lessen these side effects. Biofeedback is more successful when combined with progressive muscle relaxation.
* Imagery. Similar to daydreaming, imagery lets you mentally relocate to a relaxing destination, such as a vacation spot or a favorite pleasant nook in your home."


bmcgovern - December 29

Thanks for the information. I do not take any medication i only take natural medicine. The only thing i have taken for nausea is Stomach Curing it helps a bit but sometimes i need something stronger. I don't throw up just get nauseated. I can't have anything citrus. I am going to make a doctors appointment soon for this.
Thank you



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