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Nausea/Vomiting - Symptoms of FMS?
7 Replies
dmgvn101 - August 6


I'm from the UK. Was diagnosed with FMS recently after suffering for approx 1 year. I have had lots of symptoms, the severity of which seems to come & go with regularity. I went to see my doctor today and mentioned about frequent feelings of nausea plus I actually start vomiting if I get overtired. My GP says this is not a symptom of FMS but I have had it since the start even tho' it has just recently become a frequent symptom. Has anyone else suffered this with FMS? Thanks.


julieandcoffee - August 8

I have noticed that I have night time nausea...has been on going for a little over a year. Also I was diagnosed in March. I even have bad dizziness to the point where if I got up to quickly from bed I had to grab onto the walls to steady myself...think it comes along with it!!


lissaM - August 16

I have just been recently diagnosed and for years when I get extremely tired I get nausea and when I layed down in bed the room spins sometimes.I have been asleep and suddenly the muscles in my back, ribs all the way up under my arms and into neck, will tighten up and I get sick and throw up. Right now I am trying different medicine. I like Celebrex for inflamation, pain and muscles and mirapax for restless legs. I tried some muscle relaxers that you could take up to 4 a day but it made me a little tired and I don't need that.. I have tried to suffer through a day and night without anything and the next day I am in real pain. Every part of my body and I can't hardly move. The doctor said to try to make it without anything some days, I think that is not worth it. They thought I had MS in the beginning. Brain MRI showed nothing. They didn't do spine. Do you ever get numbness or tingling in toes or fingers?


dmgvn101 - September 10

Thanks for both your answers and in some ways it is good to know that the nausea etc is probably related to FMS and not something else. LissaM - noting your comment about restless legs, I suffer with involuntary jerks of the body esp the legs so will speak to my doctor about mirapax. I do indeed have numbness and tingling in my limbs esp my toes - sometimes it is so bad it is really painful. My doctor eventually sent me for some evoked potential neurologial tests which involved electrodes sending a pulse through arms & legs and it was excruciating and made the tingling almost unbearable for weeks. Talking of doctors, I've noticed that a lot of treatments mentioned on here that other people have been given, I have not even been told about by my GP. In my experience, doctors in the UK do not seem to be very sympathetic to FMS sufferers.


kiddle - September 10

Hey from the US! I can't say that I have ever gotten physically ill from FMS, however, when the pain is so bad, I do get quite nauseated, usually sitting or lying down for awhile stops that. If you are on any medications, you may want to check out the side effects from them, it could be as simple as that. Also, I am told and have read that irritable bowel syndrom is very common among FMS sufferers, that could be part of the problem as well. Hope this helps.


Robin1237 - September 20

Hi -- I think we all actually have Lyme disease, a bacterial infection generally acquired from an infected tick bite, but also can come from other insects and also human transmission. There are also coinfections. I think the nausea and vomiting might indicate a coinfection -- there are three main ones: babesia, ehrlichia and bartonella. Go to and click on Support Groups to connect to the UK Lyme/coinfection support groups. They will help you find a Lyme-literate doctor who can test you for Lyme/babesia/ehrlichia/bartonella and get you started on treatment for what you have. Good luck.


lissaM - September 21

I was recently diagnosed, but have had FMS for several years. I also start feeling sick when I get very tired and have to go to bed or throw up. Do you have severe muscle cramps all over your body? And constant muscle twitches?


Robin1237 - September 22

Lissa, all your symptoms sound like Lyme disease, a bacterial infection that invades the nerves and soft tissues. It imitates 320 conditions, including MS. A brain SPECT scan would probably show bloodflow abnormalities. Go check out



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