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Kerrie - September 1

I have felt sic know for 7 days,is this normal with fibro and do many of you guys get it? its making me feel like i have something really bad wrong with me :(


ptalana - September 1

Hi Kerrie, I too have extreme nausia. I find it is worse on the days when I have only had a few hours sleep. I've been up since 2:30am and find myself extremely queazy this morning. Do you suffer from indigestion? I'm looking at my third surgery as my last (a week ago) was unsuccessful they couldn't get thru my intestines. Have you seen a gastro specialist? Have you started any new meds as these can make you queazy until your system adapts? You could be suffering from IBS as this is a very common symptom of FMS. I would mention your symptoms to your doctor, if he is unable to give you any answers he could refer you to a specialist who could.
Good luck, and I hope you feel better soon ;)


Kerrie - September 1

I have been seeing a gastroenterologist for pains in my stomach, have had endoscopy,colonoscopy done and nothing found. The nausesa is a new thing this week. Not sure if i suffer from IBS or not.I am not taking any medication as it wasn't helping so stopped taking it.
I don't suffer from indigestion.
I have actually had more sleep tha n normal this week asmy 13monthlitte girl has decided to start sleeping thru the night this week and all my other pains seem a lot better just the sicky feeling and a faint feeling


mustangsh - September 21

Hey..I have had FMS for 15 yrs but after finally being diagnosed I was so thankful that it was not terminal I was able to deal with the symptoms.I now am having symptoms that I have never had.Headaches which seem to be better this week.What I am having now is nausia and it has really been bad off and on mostly on for a month or so.I had a episode 2 years of this and went to a gastro and he said I had small gallstones and they took my gallblader.At that time they also did a CT scan looking at my liver and kidney and everything looked fine. I feel this again is the FMS because I also feel burning throughout my body and I feel really nervous. I am not sure I can deal with this and just wait for it to pass.Any suggestions.I just keep wandering if this is something else.I am new on this website but have found that is makes me feel better that other people have there symptoms also. Thanks,mustangsh


pfiinch - September 21

Can totally relate.Fibro will attack any part of your body.Some days good some bad and when it is in full bloom it is hard to deal with.Since it is our central nervous system you never know what part or parts it takes over.Just get plenty of rest and take your med for they do take time to work.Hopefully one of your Dr.s will get you in a comfort zone.Good Luck and God Bless.



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