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nausea and vomiting question
6 Replies
iliveinpain - January 7

Just wondering how common this is among others here. I've been reading that it is a common symptom in alot of fms cases, but it's a new one for me. I'm more stressed than usual, and I think that's why. Had a really bad bout of stress and vomiting last nite, and I actually feel less pain today, I think my body got rid of some toxins or something?? I don't know, does this make sense to anyone else? Thanks!


Noca - January 7

Vomiting constantly is bad, the acid from your stomach will eat away your esophagus and the enamel on your teeth.

Many who have FMS are on opioids or some other drug that causes nausea/vomiting.

You can always take antiemetics like Prochloraperzine, Zofran, or Emend depending on how bad your nausea/vomiting is and what you can afford.


Canada17 - January 7

Your vomiting could have been produced by many different things from stress to diet to mild food poisoning. or even a new food allergy.

I will strongly caution against making a correlation between your vomiting yesterday and feeling less pain today. It would be very dangerous to look for relief that way, no matter how much pain you are in.

I would suggest that you seek out a professional to speak with to help you with your stress level as it is probably contributing to not only your nausea but your overall pain experience as well.

Try to eat only natural/organic foods, no boxed or processed foods, no pesticides. Keep in mind that even healthy foods can make those of us with FM feel worse. Also, if you are afflicted with IBS the symptoms can be exacerbated by stress and if you have a "weak" stomach vomiting could be a side effect. I know I feel horrible when my IBS acts up, I often feel nauseated.

While an antiemetic could be a solution for the short term, you will need to do your research and work with your doctors to determine the cause.

Good luck.


Fantod - January 7

I had a bout of vomiting during the last six months. I was experiencing panic attacks and under an extreme amount of stress. Since the cause of my high anxiety and stress has been eliminated things have returned to "normal."
Perhaps the vomiting just allowed you to release some pent up emotion and that is why you feel better today. I doubt it is anything more than a form of rather unpleasant mental release. Take care.


iliveinpain - January 8

Hi Fantod,
I just wanted to let you know that once again, you were spot on!! I'm sure the vomiting was because of the family fights that went on this week, and the nausea has since past, I feel somewhat "normal" again today. My usual aches and pains, but at least I know what that is, another day in fibro-land. Thank you again, have you ever thought of going into medicine?? LOL :)


Fantod - January 8

Hi iliveinpain - FMS has forced me to become an ad hoc member of the medical community - LOL. I'm so glad that mu comments have been helpful to you. It makes getting out of bed worthwile. Take care and enjoy your weekend.


axxie - January 10

Fantod, you are are right on once again, thank you for being there for us. Hope you are having a less pain day tomorrow.

Soft hugs to you



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