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Nausea and Burning???
2 Replies
mustangsh - October 11

I have been asking about nausea and have gotten
many replys!! I had a good day yesterday wihout feeling naucious but this morning soooo naucious..
I also feel burning all over and very nervous..does anyone else have these symptoms with FMS..I lately am second guessing if this is what it really is..the docters so far have not been able to find anything wrong with blood-work and I am going to have a upper scope and colonoscopy but just wondering if anyone else has the burning and nausea also???


axxie - October 12


OH yes the naucious thing, thats the TrPs (trigger points)in the deep paraspinal muscles, to situate one of the small muscle located along the spine (hence, take your arm and try to rest if in the back of your shoulder blades), the other mscle sits low-back almost the same level as your belly buton and then there's the last one which is the tailbone. The low-back muscles at the base of the vertebrae cause nerve entraptment including supersensitivity and numbness, for which perpetuate irritable bowel syndrome or called IBS.

We all get them from time to time, some are worst then others, the only thing I can tell you, is, with FM, you never know where it will hurt somedays, the good thing, is you are not alone, we all experience those malaise, so you are in good company.

Having upper scope and colonoscopy is good, we all need those from time to time.

Don't despair, fibro can play havoc on your system, the good thing, is you seem to have a good doctor, who will treat you right.

Let us know, how things are in a couple of days.

Good luck



brooksidefarm - October 12

Hi mustangsh! I have nausea on and off with flare ups. Also, dizziness and lightheadness like my blood sugar is off. I have been tested over and over though and have no blood sugar trouble. Today I feel a little shaky and slow. The nausea usually subsides with a light snack and sitting very quietly in the recliner for a half hour or so.



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