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Nausea - is this ever a symptom of FMS?
9 Replies
Jules from UK - October 2

I have many classic FMS symptoms - the fatigue,painful pressure points, restless legs, rib pain, shortness of breath etc etc but am not sure if nausea has ever been noted as a symptom.

I wake up feeling nauseas and this continues on and off through the day. anyone ever experienced this?

Sorry to sound like a total hypochondriac but you know how it is with this thing - takes over your life :((


Dee - August 3

Jules, unfortunately nausea is yet another symptom of FMS. There are days when my is so bad I can hardly get out of bed for fear of getting sick. I really enjoy a website I found by accident - Take a look at that site. I find comfort in this site as well as Rest Ministries. Try to keep your head up....some days are definitely better than others!


Jules from UK - August 4

Thanks for the response Dee, sometimes it just helps to know you are not the only one with these weird symptoms. I will check out the website. Wishing you well


stu - August 5

I used to always feel sick between 10 am and 11am which got a bit better once i had been to the toilet. Sometimes it would be so bad i would have to lie down. However I eliminated bread, and although i started to feel worse before i got better i no longer have this awful sick feeling every day. I managed to get some citrycil (anti-yeast) supplement and it worked wonders. Thats my advice, cut out alcohol, bread and for a while very sugary foods (it should help).


Shane - August 17

Yes it is a symptom...........since I found out I have this, which was 16 years ago, I have had constant nausea. For a number of years a day did not pass when I did not have it, it is a bit more under control now. Having said that, I feel nauseas right I hope you can find some things to settle it....I use a drug called "Avomine", it works very well on the stomach.


Donna Sept 02 2005 - September 1

I have FMS and constant IBS, the last two weeks the nausea and heartburn are not responding to any medication, it makes me feel even more tired. I may see the doctor tomorrow and ask for some Motiliam Tablets, any ideas? anyone.I keep thinking what if this is not FMS and something more serious and Im ignoring it.Does anyone else feel like this?


Jules from UK - September 26

Hi Donna. I posted the original question and in the meantime have been back to my doctors and been prescribed a drug called Omprezole. It completely knocked the nausea on the head. I'm not sure if they go under a different name in the US but are well worth a try. I tried Motilium and they had no effect whatsoever.I am afraid i am a bit neurotic about my health so go and get checked out for everything. All tests have come back negative, its par for the course of this horrible illness. Do see your doctor if you feel it is something other than FMS but they will likely just shake their head at you (my experience anyway!) hope you get some relief


Anne - September 30

thank you so much for asking this question - i have nausea also. some days it is so bad the school have to call my parents to get me from school early. however my doctor prescribed a drug called naprosen (i think) which i take when i get migrains, and i found it gets rid of the nausea as well.


Donna - October 2

Hi Jules Ive recently been given OMEPRAZOLE 20 mg, although the heartburn has gone the nausea is as bad as ever.Is this the same as yours? slightly different name. I have just started a course of motilium and hoping they will work for me. Ive been feeling a picking in the back of my throat which comes and goes mainly after meals, anyone out there ever had this, it seems to be connected to IBS and Fifromyalgia. Thanks for the response and hope you feel better soon.


Friday - October 2

FYI... Omeprazole is the generic of Prilosec. (US)



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