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Naturopath medicine
4 Replies
canadacalling - June 3

Hey there:

Has anyone been to a Naturopath and found success in diseases that might be connected or ARE connected to fibromyalgia. This is the first time that I have gone to one, and he is going to first address gastro problems, at my suggestion because I think a lot of problems are with the system. It is very expensive, and not covered, but my health is really my priority at this point in time. Plus, I know a little and that is very dangerous!!!!!. Thanks folks.


Noca - June 3

Yeah I went to one once, was very expensive and not covered. All he suggested to me were B12 and Omega 3 fish oils, neither of which I could get in a form that was practical to swallow. The fish oil was this nasty liquid and the B12 was these huge caplets that broke down in your mouth and get caught in your throat, ugh. I can't swallow multi-vitamins either cause they are too big to swallow and I've taken approximately 14,500 pills in the past 5 years so it isn't due to lack of practice.


kvc33 - June 4

I have been to at least six naturopaths over the years. It is really big here. I haven't had any more success with them than I've had with Western medicine. It cost me a lot, the supplements usually do nothing for me or make me worse. Having said that, there are a number of things I do - light therapy, chiropractic, salt pills - that make a big difference for me. I found those things on my own. I've done a number of forms of B12 and it didn't do anything for me. I take fish oil and believe it helps me with dry skin. Some naturopaths are very diet oriented and they think that is the answer to all disease. Diet change certainly does help some people but I sure don't believe that it is a cure for fibro. Best of luck to you.


canadacalling - June 4

Thank you Noca, and Kvc33


Fantod - June 4

Yes - I see a DO who is an integrative medicine specialist. She is covered but some of the tests have been pretty expensive. I did a specific test called the Nutra Val through Genova Diagnostics (you can find them online). It took five weeks for the results to come back. I was deficient or lacking in just about every amino acid required to make the body run properly. I started taking a script for them made up by a compound pharmacy a month ago. The biggest improvement thus far has been my raging case of GERD. It has been much better and I have been able to cut my Zantc down to 300 MG a day from 600mg. I'd like to get off of it altogether but I think That will take time. A lot of holistic doctors think that there is a strong link between FMS and a gut malfunction. I think that you may benefit from whatever the naturopath recommends if you can afford to continue treatment. Take care.



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