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Natural Products
3 Replies
Laura Fletcher - August 7

Hi, I have severe fibromyalgia and saw a website, on tv so visited it. They have a lot of natural products for sale but am just wondering if anyone has tried them and if they work before I waste my money. I just don't have $100.00 or so to throw away for something that doesn't work. Thank you.


kathleen Paterson - August 8

hi laura
what do you mean severe what are your symtoms? I would say I have it severly as well it is a living nightmare.
I have tried lots of products but have never been able to find any releif.
dont despair though you just have to try and find somthing that will work for you .
I am currently taking magnesium , digestive enzymes ( i do think these are helping with my irratible bowel) trace minerals i am also taking d ribose which is quite expensive i am on my third canister so i wont be buying it again .
i have also tried anti depressents which do not agree with me . do you have any problem with your thyroid?
take care kathy


Fantod - August 8

Hello Laura - Take some time to read through the posts on this site. There are a number that discuss natural products and whether they worked or not. I have a nutritionist and have tried any number of things. Other than a few things like sublingual B12 with folic acid (energy), malic acid (muscle twitching and cramps) and L-Theanine (anxiety), not much makes a difference. I hope that you are medication for pain like Lyrica and/or Cymbalta. We have had a few people on this board who have tried the natural route and pretty much threw in the towel. I think using a mix of holistic and conventional medicine is the best approach. Take care.


LMF - August 19

I am trying the mainly natural approach with some success. It doesn't cure it but helps to hold it off a bit. I have success with 5HTP (take at bedtime) and magnesium\malic acid (Fibro M). Picked up both at a GNC centre. I also take a good multivitamin with extra iron and it helps with the fatigue. Good luck



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