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Fantod - March 30

Anyone have problems with their fingernails? About three months after starting Cymbalata I started having problems with my finger nails. I used to be able to use them as screwdrivers. Now, if I look at them they shred. I have no nails left and my hands look like a mess of stubs. Anyone?


Duo - March 30

Just recently put a comment on the post about hair loss and also mentioned my nails asking if anyone else had probs. Mine split v. easily and grow crooked with deep ridges down each nail - strangely the dr. I saw felt my nails but I didn't know why _ now I do - it is prob. due to the fibro. !! Regards


Noca - March 30

Havent had any problems with mine other than my compulsive habbit to chew them. I got all 10 finger nails but only 9 toenails as one of my bone tumors ripped the nail off of one at the age of 13. Nails are so annoying to maintain and not chew lol.


belle1329 - March 31

Yes, My nails are awful! they split down the middle, crack, break, the cuticles are awful, they have lines and bumps. My hands are also very dry. They alwasy look dirty :( I just started taking D and tried fosomax and Boniva, (have osteo) but bad side effects from them so I dont know if its from the low calcium or low D (need to have those levels tested) or Fibro?


ptalana - April 1

Hi Fantod, oh yeah my nail are a mess!!!!
Believe it or not our nails are a sign post to our health. Some experts say that our nails can reveal whether we have vitamin deficiencies, how well we are digesting our food, and can even indicate a heart condition or diabetes. Who knew all that from our finger nails?!
Brittle nails can mean a deficiency in vitamin B12, nails with white spots may be the result of a zinc deficiency. Nails that are discoloured could indicate a problem with our blood sugar, and if you experience separation of the nail from the nail bed it could mean a issue with our thyroid, or a fungal infection.
Doctor's advise that any nail issue should prompt us to have our thyroid checked. As our nails could be indicating whether it's a sign of a serious condition that would require immediate medical care, or that our body is just requiring vitamin supplements due to deficiencies.
As nails and hair are made up of protein, we need to make sure our diets are packed with protein. We also have to make sure we aren't deficient in hydrochloric acid/pepsin as these help break down the proteins so we are able to digest them and absorb the minerals. Taking a hydrochloric acid supplement may help with our nails, but it's imperative that we check with our doc as these can have severe side effects. These side effects can include gas, bloating, heartburn, and reflux.
Making sure we are consuming fatty acids is also extremely important. We can ensure that we are by consuming eggs, nuts, veggies, butter, and whole milk. As with some of our food sensitivities we aren't able to ingest some/any of these we can take evening primrose oil, flax seed oil. We can actually substitute the olive oil for the flax seed oil in our salads.
A lack of vitamin B can also result in issues with our nails. Taking a B complex, or a B-50 supplement in the am and pm could help combat these nail problems. As mentioned before we have to check with our doc before starting any supplement.
I'm going to try to discuss these with my doc at my up coming appointment in May. Hopefully it's just a deficiency and taking a vitamin supplement is all that's needed to get my nice nails back.
I hope this info helps.
Take care, Patty


Fantod - April 1

Hi Patty - Thanks for the information. I've been checked six ways to Sunday and I'm not having any problems with my thyroid etc. I'm really, really sensitive to medication and this may just be my way of having a reaction. The only thing I can tie to the problem to is Cymbalata. Thanks very much for your imput. Happy Easter!


ptalana - April 2

Hi Fantod, isn't it so frustrating when there are no easy answers/or any answers???? I hope that your nail issues are just a simple reaction that won't cause you further problems. I too suffer from drug sensitivities, primarily Cymbalta, Lyrica all the drugs recommended as treatments for Fms. Makes things a lil more challenging for us.
I wish you and your family a very blessed and happy Easter, Patty:)


fibromite.u.k. - April 17

Hi, I am new to the forum and working my way through some of the threads. I found this one interesting. I have terrible nails that just tear off, I don't need to use clippers or scissors. When they grow to the end of my fingers, they curl over, just like a claw. My hands also look awful, just like an old womans with all loose baggy, wrinkled skin and the veins showing through. I showed my nails to my doctor about two years ago and she said that the nails bending over meant nothing and just don't grow them to that length! This seemed a bit silly to me as I think that nails do indicate things. She said that toe nails indicate various things, but not finger nails.



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