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Nail beds
7 Replies
belle1329 - February 9

Does anyone else have very brittle fingernails with lines and alot of skin in cuticle beds. Ive tried manacures and bought a one of those manacure sets they sell at the mall and nothing helps, they chip and are always very brittle and look dirty the verticle lines are very noticible some are white. Just wondering if this is part of the lovely monster or do I just have ugly fingernails, toes are just as ugly! yuck :(


bbass - February 9

My fingernails are very brittle too. Can't seem to grow them very long before they split or break. I have white spots in my nails, that I can't seem to get rid of no matter what mineral or vitamin I take. I don't know if it's a fibro thing or ?


iliveinpain - February 9

Yep, mine are exactly the same way. I have to keep them shortened down to nubs otherwise they bend and split and I also have the vertical lines that run thru them. Never thought of it as being fibro related but who knows.


iliveinpain - February 9

oh yeah, I forgot, I have the thick cuticles too, gross!!


solanadelfina - February 10

Oh, yes. I slather on lotion, and have even tried some Burt's Bees cuticle cream, but my nails are atrocious. (Still biting them probably doesn't help, either.) I do a lot with my hands so I usually don't paint them, only my toenails.


ptalana - February 10

I also suffer from funky nails, finger and toe nails. From what I've read this is a very common symptom of fms. The vertical lines, ridges, white spots, also most fibro sufferers don't have the half moon portion of the nail, except on their thumbs! How strange is that. I also have been losing my hair like crazy, hubby has to clean out the drain weekly!
The suggestion for treating these issues has been to take vitamin D and to up your protein intake. Although I haven't really seen any improvement, but what works for one may not work for another. We just have to try everything until we find something that works for us.
This is just another fibro perk:(
Wishing everyone a super day, Patty


snowflurree - February 11

OMG, yes my nails are as you discribed, and how weird is are also right about the not being any of the half moon showing only on the thumb. This is one freaky disease. I stay up until 12 or 1 every night because I can't sleep and am awake at 5 because I hurt so bad I have to get up. I dread the night and the early morning until I start taking the pain meds that barely take some of the edge off. So when evening comes I have already taken the most that I can and if I have more pain, (and I do) well it's too bad for me.....


Fantod - February 12

I started having problems with my nails about 6 months after I started on Cymbalata. I figued it was either medication related and or the FMS or both. I have always had the kind of nails you could substitute for a screwdrived until now. They have ridges, spilts, peel and flake. I hate it! I get a manicure every other week even though my nails generally look like they've been a ttacked by a grater.

But, recently I found out that I had a zinc deficiency even though I eat properly and take a high grade multi-vitamin. Since I started taking zinc (20 mg twice a day - GI friendly and highly absorbable) they have started to improve a little. Take care.



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