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Myofascial Trigger Points
4 Replies
Pikespeak - May 15

Hi everyone! Just found a site that shows pain areas and where the trigger points are: The site has lots of info on several topics. January, this might help you with your bad shoulder! ;-)


January - May 15

pikespeak, you read my mind! I just read your post under support groups and checked out this website, which is wonderful! I was going to start a new thread here recommending it for everyone who has radiating or unexplained pain, and I see you have already done so. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

And yes, I was looking at the trigger point charts about shoulders! They were very helpful - I do get pain radiating down my arm - so this will really help me figure out the source of it. THANK YOU! Seeing the dr. later this week. I know he will say cortisone shots - and I know I will say "no thanks." : ) I am going to ask for a PT referral I think.

And just a note - still using that stinky DMSO cream, and it is really helping with pain and range of motion - just not curing anything.


Pikespeak - May 16

Hey January! When you ask for a PT referral, find someone who does hands-on stuff. I have been disappointed more than once with PTs who don't even touch you and give you a set of exercises to probably already know this, but I want the best outcome for you! Hugs!


Pikespeak - May 16

Youtube also has great videos on myofascial pain release, stretching, and fibro. One caution: not all are experts who make a video! I was impressed with the knowledge and techniques of massagenerd. I'm sure there are others who are equally good...If you know the name of the muscle that is bothering you, you can type in the muscle name and look at several techniques to try. Bye now--I'm off to look at the fibro entries!


January - May 17

Another great idea, thank you! I have been for PT before a few times - and you're right. The last time, they did no hands-on treatment, just exercise - and it didn't help much. In fact, I couldn't tolerate it and they told me not to come back due to increasing pain levels.

Hadn't even thought this over -- but years ago, the PT did treatments like massage and electrical stim and it helped much more.



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