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My wife is home !!! Yahoo!
5 Replies
islandguy - November 30

Well they released my wife from the hospital and she is now using a walker...but she is home. Chronic deteriorating back pain....yuck !
Thanks to all that supported us during this crisis. The medical system put a bandaide on it and the prognosis is that she will just get worse with a crumbling back bone. So today we live !
I must share the story of my wife being in the hospital bed and screaming because the pain was so bad when they moved her, I standing out in the hallway behind the curtain, and a man in a wheelchair arrived. He had no feet as they were cut off just below the knees. He sat outside my wife's door and expressed his sadness for her pain. And I with fibromyalgia am thinking.....hmmmm....a man with no feet feeling sorry for my wife in such horrific pain. I thought to there is a man "who knows pain." We are all different and we do not know how each other feel their own pain. But we have the capability of feeling some elses pain just behind a closed curtain. ....... My father always said ...."I felt sorry for myself that I had no shoes..."until I met a man who had no feet". My wife and I have had a great talk since she came home (as we always have had over our married life") and it's been decided......"either get on with livin'!!! ....or get on with dyin'!!!!" . We have decided to get on with living. In two weeks we are leaving for the warmer / drier climates of Arizona. Hopefully it will ease some of the misfortunes this damp/humid climate is giving us at this time. No Question.....but you know...I like to vent. Take care all .........because I care.....


Fantod - November 30

I am so happy to hear your news. There is nothing like your own bed. It is interesting to me how a total stranger can immediately grasp the situation when many of us have family and friends who just don't get it. My own take on any difficult situation is that it is always better to chew through the restraints or die trying. Enjoy your holiday.


Gabbie - November 30

Islandguy, "Get on with livin' " is just about the best outlook anyone can have. I have always felt that trying to maintain a positive outlook is so important. Although it's sometimes really hard to keep smiling, looking for and finding something to be happy about is what keeps us all going even on the worst days. I am so glad that your wife is out of the hospital so that you may be back together in the comfort of your own home. I hope the warmth of Arizona brings you better days. Hold on to your positive outlook and let us know how you are both doing. God bless.


agrim - November 30

glad to hear your wife is home..and yall r moving for warmer and drier climate! we moved from the east coast to the ca desert. Big change.
so a many fair winds and warmth to ya's. Life is such a surprize for us just have to love it and do the best we can.


lisa1 - November 30

islandguy, I am so glad things are starting to look up for you. Your attitude during such a difficult time and your outlook on life is a lesson that has not been wasted on me. Godspeed to you and your family and happy holidays. Keep in touch.


dalejr62 - November 30

Glad to hear your wife is out and that you guys are going away. I hope it is a very pleasant trip.With lots of sunny sunny days! ENJOY!!!!!



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