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My wife has Fibro and her libido is non existent..
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conniehurts - September 1

You married her " in sickness and in health" and hopefully because you love her. I have suffered from severe fms for years and its hard to come up with the energy to make love. Believe me it is as hard on me as my hubby. We went from an extremely active sex life to almost none. It makes me feel like I am being less than the wife I should be. My hubbys answer to this is as long as we can cuddle (sometimes even that is very hard to do too) we are ok. He would love to have more sex, as would I, but we don't always get what we want in this life. Sex is a very small part of a good marriage and sadly a huge part of a bad one. Because he supports me unconditionally I try very hard to satisfy him at least once a month even when it means that I am in more pain for days afterwards. The problem most likely isn't that she doesn't want any sex but that her pain and energy levels don't allow it. I take strong opiates (duragesic and dilaudid) for pain and try to take one about 30 minutes before bed, it helps the pain but sadly decreases my own pleasure. We do our best and I let him know that if I could I would! I leave little things like housework undone so that I can have a little energy for the things we want to do together. The house will be there for someone to clean when the time comes. Love and support her as much as possible and I would bet that she will do her best to satisfy you when she can! Peace Connie


Sympathetisoul - April 21

I know this is quite awhile after you put this out there but the truth is that those of us that have this disease can barely put one foot in front of the other one most of the time. Intercourse can feel like you are having the skin rubbed off you. It then continues to burn for two days or more. No wonder our libidos gone. So, my suggestion is that you spend time helping her. Bring her some coffee now and then. If you see something is not done do not bring it to her attention but maybe sit down by her and ask her to explain how she feels. Talk to her about her disease. Get to understand what she is going through and what she feel like. Draw a warm bath for her, let her have some free time from stress. If she feels like making love use a lot of intimate lubricating jelly so it doesn't rub on her dry. Sorry to you husbands and mine but you might get the short end of the stick through this disease but you are not the one having to live life with such a controlling disease. Hope this helps


rosemary1973 - March 5

Not may people speak about this subject, one of things which I noticed years ago before I was told I had FM was the lack of feeling when having sex like not feeling the soft touches on my skin, sex started to get sore. I went off sex. Lucky for me my husband loves me a lot
Now know it was the FM, I have found different ways to make love. Also the more relaxed and warmer I was, the pain was less. I still only manage a few times a year.
Remember you can make love without having intercourse I found different ways, we now talk and listen to each other he asks me what hurts at that moment and stays well clear.



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