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My Thread Deleted?? Then Tell Me Where to Get Support
4 Replies
FibroGal - July 20

I posted a sincere thread because I'd been depressed about the passing of Michael Jackson and I was looking for support. It looks like my thread was deleted. Are my feelings not valid? Can such events not affect one's fibro? It sure has mine. I was hoping to find support or see if I could help support others who can relate. This is the last place I would have expected to be invalidated. :(


FibroGal - July 20

Perhaps I need to explain further. I'm 47. The death of MJ really affected me in two ways: 1) I'm his age. 2) The 80s was the decade of my youth. I've been depressed, sad, crying easier and my other symptoms have been worse. Can anyone relate? If not to this particular event, has any major news event ever affected you in such a way? Thanks to anyone who cares to understand.


mimosette - July 20

How do you know it was deleted ? (new here, too) Maybe it was moved to a more relevant forum/thread?

I , too, am a child of the 80's. I found with the MJ death, and my very real suceptibility to depression, that the media was just slamming , slamming and slamming MJ's death over and over non stop, and and even people I know NOT prone to depression were starting to feel low!

Maybe you need to think about the good and positive things that he did with his life (incredible race transcending songs , making dance "Cool" again, practically pioneering the music video as an art form, etc), and CELEBRATE the things you loved about him.

I think we can all, as sufferers of FMS, relate to his desperation to find a med to relieve his don't have to be a fan or even approve of a lifestyle to recognize a fellow sufferer of pain, no matter what it's cause, but don't let the media's unrelenting coverage cause you to slide even deeper into a depression.

I think I am an oddball, as horrible news , or bad things happening in my family don't affect me as far as a deep depression until after the fact like a month later...that's when I crash.

Now I'm gonna try to cheer you up : do you have a mall near you ? Does that mall have a teen store like Wet Seal or Rainbow ? If you want a great big laugh, go and check them out. The 80's are back, big time, and I promise you'll get a kick out of seeing teens in acid yellow, spandex leggings, super narrow leg jeans, and , yes, Michael Jackson "Thriller style " jackets.

But the lil posers aren't true 80's Queens til they've poofed up their hair 2 foot high and used a whole can of Aqua net.


bbass - July 20

Hi Fibrogal, You thread hasn't been erased. It's in the the support forum...I just read it. I think it is very easy to be saddened by news events, and to see people that meant alot to us-especially in our youth-pass away. I remember thriller-4th grade-awesomeness and the sparkly glove, moonwalk, it's like we all grew up with him. It was sad to see him turn into "man in the weird mask". So sorry that you aren't feeling well, hope it passes soon.


FibroGal - July 21

Mimosette, ahhh, you made me laugh...especially about the Aqua Net! I sooo remember that purple can on my grandma's vanity tray back then! You know, you make a good point that it makes sense we would relate to MJ. He was a phenomenal performer who was also very human with private pain and turmoil just like us. He not only entertained us, he connected us.

And, thanks, bbass, also for telling me where the thread went, and for your support, as well.

I appreciate hearing from you both so much. It is a comfort to know I'm not alone in my feelings.

Thank you, friends. Hugs.



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