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My skin hurts
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Lisab - June 30

I was diagnosed with Sjogren's Syndrome 12 years ago and RA last year. I don't think I've ever put two and two together to get three but this may be a first. My skin hurts. Does that make any sense. There are times when it is muscle pain and most of the time joint pain in my hands. But my skin feels like I have a severe sunburn, arms and legs. I had carpel tunnel surgery last September that was going to "fix" the most severe problem I had. Well, it "fixed" permanent pain in my third and fourth fingers. If I accidently brush something against one of the fingers it feels like an electrical shock. They hurt constantly but I can't quite describe the feeling to my doctors. I'm becoming fairly good at typing with eight fingers instead of ten. I'm going to ask my rheumatologist if we might get to add yet another autoimmune disease to my list. Any thoughts?


Fantod - July 1

Hi Lisab - Sounds like nerve pain to me which is consistent with fibromyalgia (FMS). I have a very close friend with Sjogren's and FMS. Sjogren's is pretty terrible all by itself without adding FMS to the mix. My heart goes out to you. Nerve pain is usually treated with a medication like Gabapentin. I take mine at night which helps me sleep better (NOT) and most of the side effects are gone by morning.

You might also have a touch of Allydonia which is a sensitvity to touch. Yet another "perk" of FMS. I also have a problem with this and have days where clothing is not my first choice. The pressure of my night dress can make me nuts too.

I would suggest that you have a long chat with your rheumy. It is not uncommon to have Sjogren's and FMS. If you find that they are not listening which is common, go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and register. Then you will be able to see a list of fibro-friendly health care professionals in your state.

Take care and God bless.



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