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My Poem to my G.P.
12 Replies
Duo - March 10

Pains in my neck and pains in my head
I'm so exhaused I take to my bed
Then pains in my chest, my legs are like lead
Ten minutes later I get out of my bed!
My bum now is numb, my shoulders they tingle
My sex life so sparse you'd think I was single.
My brain it is muffled and I struggle to think
I enter the kitchen and stare at the sink!
Then ten minutes later with lips stuck to teeth
I remember the kitchen's the place where I drink.
Can't bite or chew for this temporomandibular jont
No restaurants for me - there's really no point.
Pains in my toes, feel my fingers will burst
I really don't know from these which is worst.
Quite frightening however, my eyes go all blurred
and up to now I just WASN'T HEARD
But thanks to a Consultant now a diagnosis
It's Fibromyalgia and it stinks more than hallitosis.
It's not life-threatening - you could've fooled me
Thought I was joining ancestors on my family tree.

Sound familiar my Fibro friends ?
Take care - and try to keep smiling.


Canada17 - March 10

I love it! Thanks for sharing!


1joyjoh0624 - March 10

Great Poem!! We could all write a poem for the pain.It is so widespread it could go on forever. Also so many associated diagnosis you could write one just for that. Why don't you try that one too!!


AngieB38 - March 11

LOVE IT!! I just read it to my husband and he still doesn't get it...Oh well. Maybe one day. That was a great ending to my birthday :-) Thanks for writing and sharing!!


ptalana - March 11

Duo, that was fantastic!!!!
Angie, hope you had a super birthday and wishing you many more.


Noca - March 11

I like the poem and I love poetry.


Duo - March 11

Glad you all enjoyed it - I did try and fit in the GERD prob but couldn't get a rhym apart from heard and I'd already used that one! but will keep trying. (My husband says I am very trying!!)
Happy bithday Angie. Regards


belle1329 - March 12

Great Poem, hits the nail on the head! :)


kaime - March 12

This is awesome...great job DUO!!!
Hope you had a great birthday, Angie! :)
Thanks for making us smile! :))))


axxie - March 26

Duo, oh what a great poem, all so true. Keep writing and keep sharing with us and all your friends. You truly have a gift.


ptalana - March 26

Hi Duo, I was just wondering if you actually gave this poem to your gp? What was his/her reaction if you did?
Also came up with a few words for gerd ie; word, bird, turd (just kidding) lol ;)
Thanks again for sharing!
Wishing you a super day, Patty


Noca - March 26

Churn sorta rhymes with GERD


Duo - March 31

Hi Ptalana - I did give it to my G.P. - I'm not sure if she smiled or had wind !!! lol.



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