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AmberRose - September 26

I keep getting this weird thing happening to my legs, It is i suppose "drop foot" as i cant find any info of anything else like it . I know it would be from muscle weakness or fatigue but its quite irritating and its very hard to move my foot and ankle..Lifting my leg is also difficult. Just wondering if anyone else out there has the smae problem and if any one has a suggestiong to help make it go away.......I have read alot of people go to chiropraters for their fibromyalgia problme..this is so out of the question for me...i ahd spinal surgery wen i was 13 and had my spine fused....the thought of a chiropracter scares the living daylights out of me! I dont ahve an appointment with my dr tell next i was wondering if anyone had a solution in the meantime


Virg - September 26

Hi Amber, my situation happens quickly.
I go to move my leg/foot and it just gives up. If I want to lift my leg over a balcaony
ledge for example I go to lift and move but my foot stays fixed and my leg doesn't lift to go over so sure enough,
bang, I hit the thing. It's not constant.
Just likes to surprise me when I'm doing
normal things.


TERESA - September 26

I've had problems with dropping things, stumbling on onthig at all, misjudging corners, etc... Sometimes I feel as if my brain is not in sync with my movements & sometimes my movements are involentary (like my muscles just jerk for no reason). I guess thats what they been calling " fibro drunk "! I find it very frustrating!!


TERESA - September 26

Fibro Fog!!! I meant stumbling over things that aren't there>


AmberRose - September 26

Yeah i get all of that too! ahnding money over at a store and i drop it and last week i was clearing the table and i fell with a glass salad bowl i managed to save the salad bowl but i jsut hope that never ahppens in public.....i get teh tripping over stuff all the time! I even trip over things that are not there either :( it makes me feel like a zombie....fibro drunk is just a good term as fibro fog! LOL



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