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My intentions
2 Replies
barbar - December 11

I've been reading all my postings and realized that I come off far, far harder than I am. But I have been suffering from this thing since my teens. It has stolen my life. I want to be free of it. I am in intelligent, vibrant, compassionate, beautiful, and extraordinary woman, yet I have little access to these things due to this disease. I want to be rid of FMS. It's killing me. So, Larry/Kathy, there is an irony. You suggest that we (I) are not taking you seriously, that we must not really want to be rid of this thing. But ironically, we are far, far more serious than you know. If I sound harsh, it's not because I am tired of you spouting descriptions of my disease and telling me how it works, I may sound harsh because I have taken you quite seriously, investigated the remedies you have prescribed and found them INVALID. Moreover, I have taken your postings to my doctor and he has investigated the protocols prescribed in them but the protocols are designed for use with the Natra-ceuticals that can only be attained through the Firbo Centers. When I went to the Fibro Center---eager for my relief---I discovered they don't pay any attention to their own protocols in designed my medication. So no I'm stuck. So if I sound negative, take some responsibility. YOU led me here. Anyway, my sole intention is to get well. TELL HOW TO DO IT; and make it something that works. Don't keep telling me how the disease works, I know that; my doctor knkows that. WE NEED SOLUTIONS NOT DESCRIPTIONS.


teresat - December 11

Barbara, You keep fighting you are doing exactly what you & anyone else should be doing!!!! There is no reason to be Zapping you for taking an ACTIVE part in your heaht care!!!! I don't understand why ANYONE would think otherwise?? You are sharing your KNOWLEDGE the same as Larry/Kathy IS!! JUST EXACTLLY, WHAT IS THE THREAT HERE??????


teresat - December 11

Barbara, please try to e-mail me again, I have some info for you!! The mailbox junked your other ones because it didn't recognise yoyr address!



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