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My hands (esp. left one) gets numb soooo easily - a symptom?
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9na - June 5

For the past 2 weeks my hands, especially the left one, have been real numb a lot of the time. The ring and pinky fingers get numb, along with the outer palm of the hand. Sometimes the same happens to the right hand.

I realized some days ago that I was lying around reading pretty often lately, and the book I'm reading is real heavy (not veyr big, but heavy - glossy paper inside and very thick outside to the book). Well, I haven't been reading it much for the past 3.4 days, and the last couple of days my hands were MUCH better. Not perfect, but only brief period of a little numbness.
It could be a coinsidence, but I don't really think so. I also have ahd trouble with especially the ring finger when I've been knitting for some time.

Does anyone recognize this?

I'm not diagnosed yet, but my doctor have said that if my celiac test is fine, he suspects fibro...


tesse - June 5

Have you been tested for MS? My mom has MS and she has numbness as well as tingling in her hands and feet.

Best of luck


9na - June 5

Thanks for your answer!

No, I have not been tested, but I saw a neuro a while ago. She saw no reason for doing anything further on her part (I had a veeery good day that day, but still...). And she also said that my bowel issues alone was reason to say it is not ms, since ms in lots of cases would give constipation, and certainly not the opposite... ;)


January - June 6

Google Ulnar Nerve Entrapment and pick the site by orthoinfo. That may give you an understanding of what is going on.

When just the pinky and ring fingers are affected, that indicates an irritation of the ulnar nerve.
The above site has some good suggestions for ways to help yourself feel better - for example, don't sleep with your elbows bent! Also, it shows some exercises that might help you.


9na - June 6

Thanks January - great tip! :)

But I wonder if this is something that follows FMS - my body seems to tolerate so little. I.e. wearing a backpack for a short time gives me back- and neck trouble for several days. Wearing a headband/making a ponytail makes my head ache in no time etc etc - it didn't use to be like this!


Cher0208 - June 6

Sometimes, I can be so sensitive that I can't wear a head band or pony tail either. Even glasses give me face pain. Lately, it has not been an issue, thankfully. I too suffer from the numbness in my hands and feet and sometimes it spreads. Scares me so much and is so uncomfortable. I have had MRI's and they came up fine. Good luck. Hopefully we can all get to the root of our health problems soon.


9na - June 6

Cher0208: Oh, the glasses! I get really annoying ear aches from wearing mine. Not only behind the ears, but inner pain, too. And sometimes also pain around my nose, where the glasses rest. I have to wear my glasses in a not-so-flattering way much of the time to avoid ear ache..
(But I need the stupid glasses, because my eyes have gotten waaay to dry for contacts... BAH - I really hope we find out what's causing this, too!)


lucky13 - June 7

Numbness can be caused FMS.
I was also worried about MS because my feet/hands (sometimes just a couple toes on my foot) do go numb, but according to my Rhuemy and Fibro for Dummies book, the numbness can be part of FMS.



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