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My guardian angels
4 Replies
solanadelfina - November 26

I've been trying to hold onto my faith and remembering that I have wonderful people to look after me. Yesterday was a solid reminder that God does indeed look out for his flock.

I've been having a lot of pain in my feet lately, and am waiting the ADA paperwork to be able to use a stool at work. (We're following the plantar fasciitis protocol until I see my doctor on Dec.1). The pain from standing has been
horrendous, but my manager refuses to let me sit down for little breaks unless he doesn't know about it. Yesterday I tried talking to him again, but all he could offer was trying a kind of shoe and saying he couldn't allow anything until we hear from HR. HR will be hearing from ME about both of them.

Furious, I tried to go back to work and ended up crying in the back for a bit, from the frustration of dealing with these sorry excuses for managers and fear of how long this latest symptom is going to take to go away and what to do next. Tried to work again, ended up crying in the back again. One of my sweeter managers asked if I was okay and I shook my head, telling her about the pain and how disgusted I am with the company.

A customer heard me, and poked her head in. She asked if someone needed cheering up, after having heard about the fibro. She had it, too. She came in back and gave me a hug, and she and her husband stayed in the back and talked to me the rest of the hour.

This lady was truly an angel. She had a wickedly funny sense of humor, and had 21 other conditions in addition to the fibro. Her husband was a soft-spoken man I had helped in the past, who quietly suggested joining LA fitness for swimming, if I wanted to. At the end of the hour, she even did a fabulous turkey impression. She said that you needed humor with this. I told her about my plans to make a little demon in a fantasy novel named after this, that creeps up on people in the night and can only be destroyed by water. (Since baths help with the pain.)

I'm so very grateful for those two, and was able to finish the day with a smile.


hesmyeverything - November 26

I'm convinced that God sends people to us when we need them. It's happened to me more than once, when i'm depressed, or upset, just about the time i think no one cares, someone has a kind word or story, or someone gives me a hug for no apparent reason, and i KNOW that is god sending help for me.

he knows the heart, and he knows when we need the litle pick me up, to help get us through.

Thanks for sharing :)


ptalana - November 27

Thank you so much for sharing such a inspirational experience with us, isn't it reassuring to know that there are such amazing people in the world?
I'm so sorry you're having to deal with such negativity at work. Who knew that having to use a stool could be such an issue? Many of us can totally relate to the lack of empathy and understanding in the work place. When I was still able to work my assistant manager would kick my stool out from behind me on a daily basis. And when we got new ergonomically correct stools I was very loudly told I was not allowed to use these as I had monopolized the old stool. This was said in front of clients and coworkers, totally humiliating!!!!
My angels were the many clients whose caring and empathy made all this much easier to bear. Many of who would come in everyday just to say hi and see how I was recovering, I miss them so much now.
I love your novel idea, any ideas on names for this character??? What do you think of Fibro fiend? Just a thought, lol.
I wish you better days, Patty :)


axxie - November 27

So nice, I know they are truly nice people.


solanadelfina - November 28

Ptalana- that's awful, getting your stool kicked out from under you and denying you the new ones in a humiliating way like that. How childish. You could offer to bring a stick to work, shadow someone (this manager) and give them a whack as often as you get spasms, and then see who's hogging what. As for the demon, I was thinking that it's actually a race of creatures that creep up on unwatchful travelers. I'll have to think of a good name that will hint at but not entirely spell out what it's named after, and make sure that at least one is utterly vanquished by a good soaking.

Well, after all the BS with my managers, I wrote out a complaint letter and faxed it, along with the letter from my doctor that was dismissed to HR at headquarters. The whole story is there, except for where my manager said that I could use a stool 'if he didn't know about it', so that he wouldn't get in trouble for going against the district manager.

I'm not sure how this will go. I don't want anyone fired. All I want is what I need for the short time I'll be remaining there, and also to make it easier for the next person that needs help that's available by law but is told that there's 'no special treatment'. Obviously they had no idea how to handle someone with a chronic illness, but just saying 'no' was not acceptable. I'm only twenty-five, and I do not plan to hang up my hip scarf for quite some time, and I'm getting tired of crying in the back from pain that could be somewhat eased by something that requires no effort or cost or loss of productivity whatsoever. If I'm to be the trailblazer of their education in proper protocol, then so be it.



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