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My God! This is a nightmare
16 Replies
Dora - June 29

What on earth is happening to me??? I feel like on old old old woman. Everything hurts! My face hurts. About 5 days ago my lips started stinging and became very chapped. Now I'm left with blisters. My eyes are burning, I've had three HORRIBLE migraines within the last two weeks. My skin feels super sensitive. My boyfriend loves to rub my back, but I can hardly stand it. I feel like I'm having an out of body I'm on drugs, but I'M NOT!!! I wish I had some drugs. This is really a NIGHTMARE.

I'm going to the doc tomorrow. I'm afraid she's going to think I'm crazy if I describe how I'm feeling to her.

Does this sound familiar? What can I do to get some relief???


Dora - June 21

I went to the doc today. She ordered blood tests. Wonder what will show up...


Chris - June 21

HI Dora; Waiting can be very hard when you feel so bad. Try not to enter into those "What if " thoughts. I hope you get good results back, and that your health returns to normal for you. Have you been spending time in the sun? Well, try not to worry yourself, I know how hard that is, but you've got to try. Take care. Keep in touch. Yours in Healthy living, Chris


Dora - June 22

No, I haven't been in the sun. This some wierd plague...I'm MISERABLE! At least my doc didn't act like I was NUTS! Thank God for that.


Chris - June 22

The reason I asked if you'd been in the sun, is that the sun seems to do some of those things to me. I'm getting checked for Lupus again soon. I hope you feel better soon. Yours in Healthy living, Chris


Chris - June 22

Dora, I know tis sounds strange. But ask your boyfriend to rub you inner thighs instead of your back. FM seldon effects the vagina area and will take your mind off the pain.


Dora - June 22

I'm still feeling MISERABLE. I keep waking up hoping and praying that I'll feel better today. But NOOOoooOOOooOOOoooOOOO.
I still feel like I'm in an altared state. Would really love to feel "NORMAL" again.


Chris - June 22

Dora, did you take my advice?


Chris - June 22

Dora, I don't know who is using my name, but these odd messages aren't from me, some people have small minds.


Dora - June 22

I don't know who this other Chris is but apparently he/she thinks they are the only person named Chris of 270 million americans. He/She should change her name on here to avoid confusion. I have been on this forum for 8 months.


Chris - June 22

Hi Dora, I don't think they want to use their real name, I am sorry that someone want's to abuse this site though. I've found this place has some nice people here that understand what we Fibro people go through. I'm sorry for the confusion Dora, Yours in Healthy living Chris


Chris - June 22

Chris....for your info, Dora has a BF and is in a happy relationship. Move on already!


Chris - June 22

I also have a very happy wife, so get lost.


Chris - June 23

Chris, does your wife know your on here trying to pick up vulnerable FM women? I hear the retard room is easy to pick women up also. You freakazoid.


Randi - June 26

Hey i can relate to you. I havn't been diagnosed but last year all of sudden i started to get strange symptoms and they havn't gone away. Skin sensitivity is one of them.It also sounds that your gettig anxiet from the whole issue i can also relate


Jessie - June 27

I really understand how you're feeling, Dora. It does feel like a nightmare. I had an especially hard time at first because my husband thought it was all in my head. But as soon as I went through the blood work and other tests my doctor had for me and he came back with the fibro diagnosis, I was able to get relief for my pain and I was more at peace, knowing what I was dealing with. (And my husband is very supportive now which really helps.) Keep your chin up. It will get better. Good luck!


jane - June 29

I am SO sorry to hear what you are going through. I've been there. Save yourself the 5 years lost and get ANY book written by Dr John E Sarno. After YEARS of misery & pain & doctors that couldn't do a damn thing.... my life is turning around & changing. I have been searching for endlessly for an answer & I found one. I wish someone had been there to offer this advice years ago when I was hit by this bullshit as a young beautiful hopeful 27 year old woman. I am getting my life back & you can too.
good luck & take care!



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