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My girlfriend wont get out of bed! HELP!
4 Replies
HairyGringo - November 16

My grilfriend was recently diagnosed with Fibro... she has struggled getting out of bed, anxiety, pain etc. for a while, but always got on with it (just about).

Now she's been diagnosed she thinks it is ok to sleep 12 hours every day - she is starting to miss lectures at uni, but will go out at night twice a week too. I am so worried.

What can I do? I have tried being supportive and waking her gently - now I am trying the opposite and being hard on her - nothing works!


hammalc - November 21

Hi there,
First, I find it wonderful that you care about your girlfriend and that you're trying to work it out with her. Not many are able to understand FMS and what it can do to your loved ones.
Your girlfriend is clearly going through a time of flares with extreme fatigue and pain attacks. I have those very frequent too and had them during my college years as well. If she is sleeping so much, it's probably due that she's not getting enough deep sleep at night which is a common problem of FMS, now that I know. I have this same problem often and it is very annoying.
The first thing she'd have to do regarding college is to have a written letter from her doctor claiming her FMS so that her professors and department can understand when she misses out sometimes. Your girlfriend is not being lazy, this is stronger than her BUT she has to learn to become morally stronger than this so she can beat it. She can rest for a day or so but then, she has to move. Maybe she could join a support group near your area to share her symptoms and stories with others and see what they do on their bad days as well. Maybe you could research that for her and join her. It's also good that she's going out at night sometimes but she should be careful not to over do it so she doesn't get too tired the next morning and miss out uni.
And please, keep up with what you do. Whatever you do, is made out of love for her and I'm sure she realizes that, she's very luck. Way to go! Not many partners are able to understand like you do
Good luck...


HairyGringo - November 22

Hammalc - thanks for the response. I have posted a couple of things on this site and had nothing back, thank you!

I am definitely thinking the soft approach is best, as anything hard seems to make her stress more and hurt.

The professors at Uni have been great, thanks to a letter etc.

I am concerned about her doctor - he gave her valium/diapezam. It seems drastic...


hammalc - November 22

That seems drastic indeed. Did he explain to you why this particular prescription? My rheumatologist explained to me that they prescribe anti-depressants OR anti-seizure meds because some of them work on the brain's pain receptors. I don't know if Valium is part of that family.
And I am glad to hear the professors are being supportive, it's very important. It's something I got lucky as well with a few of them while others really made it hell for me sometimes. I'm glad they understand.
I wish to help you more. But I think maybe you should talk with her doctor and see what he has planned for her pain management. It's very important to keep well-informed. Good luck


islandguy - November 22

Just to let you know that you did get a response to your posting . You have posted this twice,,,scroll down and you can read your other responses. Take care.....



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