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My first time here
19 Replies
jeannie - January 4

I dont really have a question. just wanted to introduce myself. I am a fibro sufferer for about 4 yrs. now. It is a hard thing to understand. There isnt a lot of support groups where I m at. and my list of aches is endless.


Jeannie3 - January 4

Hi it's nice to see I'm not the only Jeannie fibro sufferer. It's been major for me for about 15 years now, and I'm still trying to grasp all the info I pick up.
Some relate to me and some don't. Are you on any particular meds?


Lyle Anderson - January 4

Welcome, welcome, welcome!!! I've been a fibro sufferer for over 40 years. Mine started with heavy duty migraines. It is hard to get a handle on it but there is so much research being done on it they find something new almost everyday. As you can tell from this web site, there is a lot of debate as to whether FMS is neurological, endocrinological (I think I just made up a new word but you guys know what I mean), or something else. I think (if I can throw my 2 cents in) that because it tends to be a cluster of symptoms that there could be multiple sources of the problem. I mean, there are diffierent causes for what ends up looking the same. All I want is a cure. I nice little shot and I'm done----and don't jump in here telling me to get the B-12 or go to a Fibro Center! I mean I want a cure!!!! (And a vaccine.) But welcome, you will find us a cheery bunch.


BRENDA - January 4

I have not tried the B-12 shot yet. Can you just ask for one or does or DR have to prescribe one? As for the HEADACHES, I have not had one since the DR put me on Cymbalta! I don't know if that is the reason or just a coincidence, but I don't even have sinsus headaches anymore!! I use to have headaches everyday!!!! It's SO WONDERFUL not to have them!!!!


dezahn - January 4

Hey jeannie,
I am new here too, and wanted to jsut say hi to you. I am here if you have any questions. There was a time that i couldn't even get out of bed. I have been able to feel great lately, and would like to help others. That is why i am here... to help


Debbie229 - January 5

Hi. This is also a first for me. I have been seeing multiple docs for over 2 yrs, including a rheumatologist who all told me that they didn't know what was wrong and to "wait it out" My reg doc finally got fed up along with my self and sent me to a rheumatologist at Mass General yesterday, who after reading my records and listening to my symptoms started applying pressure to certain areas( some of which I didn't even realize were bothering me) thought I was gonna fly through the ceiling. Told me I had a textbook case of FM and I started on Elavil last night. How frustrating to spend over 2 yrs before knowing what was wrong and how to treat it. I have missed so much work, I feel like my life has been on hold the last few years. I'd like to know what everyone has found to work for you as a treatment.


jeannie - January 5

thanks to all for responding to me. it is nice to talk with someone who has been thru the same as you. most people dont understand.
so tell me do most of you still work. if so, how are you able to maintain. I still work, but am finding it harder and harder to do. Doc. tells me to stop working, except that wont pay the bills.


BrandyO - January 6

Hello and welcome to all newbies. I wish everyone a happy and healthy pain free year. Brandy :)


Debbie229 - January 6

I still am officially working but have been out of work on short term disability since the week before Thanksgiving. I'm hoping that after giving it a few weeks for the med to kick I can return to work.


JJ1 - January 6

Debbie229 - The elavil really helped me a lot. I can't remember how long it took. I think it was pretty gradual. Some people taking it complain of weight gain, but I didn't have any weight gain with it. I have been on about 5 years now. I don't have too much pain (although I welcomed the new year with a pretty painful flare-up of symptoms). My painful episodes seem to be directly related to stress. I am blaming the New Years flare up of pain on the stressful holidays -- tons of house guest staying and visiting, preparing meals, cleaning, shopping for three kids, trying to work, etc. etc.


yannie - January 6

jeannie...I have had fibro for years ...and I have had so many different symptoms to numerous to list... lots of theories out there as to why - i try to put my energy into the present day, work thru it as best I can....humor, friends,and a good support group help keep me going...maybe your dr. can give you something for a good nite's sleep - keep reading this forum - lots og good suggestions that may help and alot of love and funny stuff to brighten your day!


clairem - January 12

hi jeannie ,my names Claire from the uk and i was diagnosed a couple of months ago with fibro! i dont have much pain just bad anxiety, weight loss etc ,my docs trying to investigate (im worried ive got multiple sclerosis!) hope to god i havent ,does anyone get shaky feelings in their arms and legs?nobody i know has heard of fibro ,im feeling quite lonely at the moment


JJ1 - January 15

Debbie229 - Just wondering how things are going with the elavil.


Iori - January 17

hi jeannie, I totally understand what you mean about the symptoms being endless. I am trying to accept that really weird things will happen to my body & its all just a part of this crazy syndrome. I read your post about being afraid to ask questions at your doctor's... i feel you. me too. the last time i went I wrote everything down (so I wouldn't forget) and I saw his eyes glaze over as soon as my list came out... I hate to say it but I think a lot of family doctors really hate dealing with us. he was a lot nicer to me before I got fibro... It makes me feel bad.


Iori - January 17

Debbie, I also tried elavil but have found that flexoril (sp?) works better for me. good luck.


JJ1 - January 17

lori, do you see a rhematologist? They understand Fibromyalgia better and may listen to your list of symptoms better than a family doctor.


tcmby - January 18

I feel like once i get thru dealing with one thing here comes another.... Ive heard that there is a 'master symptom list' for fibro. does anyone know of one? it would sure be nice to have something to use for reference when stuff happens. UK-Claire: how are you doing since your last post? i have had a lot of anxiety lately too so I know how you feel, it can be very lonely..... fibro+anxiety = hell.



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