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My FIbromyalgia was a precursor to Lupus, and RA!!
2 Replies
jessielee72 - June 2

I am writing this post because I am concerned with people that have been diagnosed with fibro and are getting sicker. I wanted people to know I have been having symptoms for more than four years and have been to many doctors including great ones at MAYO CLINIC in Arizona. I was diagnosed at Mayo clinic by a great doctor there with fibromyalgia and was releived that I finally had a diagnosis and I was happy at least I knew what was wrong. But that all changed three months later, I became sicker and had more flu-like symptoms, the joint and muscle pain became worse and the fatigue was so bad I could not believe it. My doctor back home had tried me on savella to combat the pain and it worked but it made me even more tired. I began having rashes on my face, most of the time it was just my nose that turned red and felt hot to the touch. I went to my doctor for this so he ran some blood work which included an ana test, and sure enough it was positive, right then and there he diagnosed me with lupus. Now they set me up with a Rheumatologist in my area, and I finally got in to see him, and guess what, they did x-rays because of my joint pain, and discovered I have Rheumatoid arthritis also, and there may be significant damage because the disease was not caught soon enough!!! I am very angry at those docs who weren't smart enough to pick up on this awhile ago, especially one whom thought this was all in my head. Any way I do not mean to ramble, I just hope that if you have fibro and you are getting sicker and can't get your symptoms under control, please, please keep pushing your doctor, or go to another one if your not happy. There may be another problem besides fibro you are dealing with. I was also told that fibro is a symptom of an underlying condition or conditions. I highly believe that for sure now. I know you can have fibro alone, but if you feel something is not right do not hesitate to see your doctor!!!


irishbookfairy - June 9

Thank you for your story. I am sorry you are suffering with so much. I am also going through many problems besides the fibro but I was not dx for years so everyone around me just thinks I am a hypochondriac including some doctors. They never seem to get the fact that laying in my bed surounded by a stinky dirty house that I cant clean, listening to my husband watch tv and play with my two sons in the other room and even being deserted by my dog and cat is NOT FUN. Good luck to you!


jessielee72 - June 9

If your symptoms are getting worse and you have tried several meds, it is probably more than fibro. You are the only one that knows your body, if somebody doesn't understand what you are going through then that's their problem, those people are the one's that never have had any health problems, and God forbid that they get sick or anything else they would probably whine like babies huh. I am lucky enough to have such a great understanding family, but I did have a few run-ins with a couple of docs, and sure enough I was the one right. They are not God like some think they are, boy did I ever find that out, they are just human, and they can make mistakes just as easy as anyone.!!! Anyway I am here for you anytime, just remember someone is going through the same thing you are. Have you been to a Rheumatologist? Fatigue is a sign of inflammation in the body, it compresses your nerves and your blood vessels which causes reduced blood flow, makes sense doesn't it. I would highly advise you to go see another doc just in case.



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