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My Fibromyalgia symptoms.
8 Replies
mummylove - January 30

Not really in particular order, last 6 months to present: my pain moves around
-Blurred vision
-carpel tunnel type pain
-electric shock sensations right temple to head
-sharp shooting pain in fingers and top ofhands,kness,right side neck,little toes and big toe top of feet,ankles,calfs,inner calfs,basically the whole leg, and thigh, started with right hip pain which still current.elbows,wrists,groin
-non diagnosable abdo pain 6 mths +
-sore muscles esp calf
-burning right hip and shoulder blades
-almost always hay fever type cold
-Chronic fatique
-extreame Weakness
-Weak stomach, and butterflies
-feel as tho been kicked in stomach and ribs
-regular pins in needles even just random tingle over top of foot
-always wanting to streach my legs (feels great)
-random very obvious shaking of my legs occasionaly when sitting
-6 mths of unexplanned type moring sickness through out the day
-tight stomach pain musles
-major mid back pain
-pain in jaw, esp by ear/checkbone
-few times when yawning my jaw cracks noise
-often dont know when its hot and get cold easily
-right sided and middle abdo pain, sometimes cant sit or move when that happens
-irritable bowel syndrome
-hands have started cramping
-twice has happened and is terrifing, right sided facial pain all over eye also, sore skin like neroalgia? as if my face was ripped off.
-also from waist down get loss off feeling and inner shaking like when you have low blood sugar (but not as was checked at the time)
-diareah cramps with no diareah
memory loss, cant concentrate etc etc
weight loss, when stressed I also have like obvious shaking and cold but not
Really I think you get the message, thought listing my symptoms may help others looking into fibro.
Ruled out everything then doc though hmm that actually sounds like fibro.



mummylove - January 30

Also was asked by many doctors if I had muscle or joint pain, I said no as I thought they would say I have a flu. Because I usually get told its axiety or a virus, you know doctors lol


mummylove - January 30

Also left sided chest pain, and tightness, palpertations and flutters really I could go on.


mummylove - January 30

Also really anoying eye twitching, goes on for hours then my eye hurts, and movment like a twitch in calf muscle. I get really weak legs cant walk up stairs etc def stiffness in legs even after sitting for only 10 mins, I do have left ankle swelling and varicose veins on that leg so would expect some pain in that leg but not both? I having more trouble on the clear leg. My pain is mostly sharp shooting and quick, but has some burning stinging occasionaly. Also mottled skin on inner thighs (which is relativly new and ugly!) Breast tenderness and pain.
all in last 6 mths this lot!


mummylove - January 30

Think the last thing would be, the sore throat driving me mad, stings alot while swollowing even just saliva, today have started the heel??? pain shooting and nagging.


axxie - January 31

Have you been tested for MS or lyme disease. Fibro is different with everyone. Look at the associated conditions you might have to be tested for other diseases. Good luck to you.


mummylove - January 31

hello axxie, Ive looked up lyme disease never heard of it before but would say its not that but im no doctor :-) never really looked at MS before so was having a little read about it which was interesting and also to see there is no real testing with it? I was finding the vertigo part interesting as I quite often get a spining room feeling majorly usually only when stressed and its usually bedtime (not that often) sometimes its so bad it still happens when I close my eyes. feeling of way to many wines. Also could be just laying in bed and the photos on the wall start to twitch? think that would be like involentary eye movements. any way not a nice feeling, but usually only lasts a minute luckily. I always was just told by hubby and mum thats prob my blood pressure was too low tho not checked at the time? But I do suffer from very low blood pressure, which is usually higher when laying down. cant remember what it was called. It is so scarey when it does happen. Also forgot to mention the extreame dizziness and tight chested on standing. Im not sure about MS still tho? I may read a little more into it I guess :-/
thanks (new zealand)


gucci - January 31

hi mummylove, you have described all my symptoms to a tee i have been to drs and er many times and all they say is ive had a fibro flare up and its caused a panic attack,doesnt help telling me at the time, all they say is try not to stress out too much huh easier said than done when all this is going on i can sympathise with you it sucks hope yo feel better soon


mummylove - January 31

Also will mention, that for over six months been having a sensation all I can explain as CREEPY from my shoulder straight accross to my neck right side only. The feeling of someone touching your shoulder but no ones there, its absoultly horrible and yucky. Its creepy crawly sensation? lasting for quite a while. have told doctors with just brush offs :-/ would like to know if anyone has had this feeling anywhere? its pretty weird!!!!



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