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My fibromyalgia has gone
5 Replies
traceable - August 27

Hi everyone

I am not into forums but after 7 years of having Fibromyalgia and spending a fortune on seeing everyone possible I came across an article written by a man who had a very sick wife with Fibro. After 20 years of suffering he had found a Bio Cranial Sacral Therapist who had cured her. I live in Sydney so tracked one down and after 2 sessions all the symptoms went away. When I went I was exhausted and tired of being on so many different tablets and stressed at the money I had spent on treatments, regular massages, etc. It has now been 5 months since I felt so ill and also the weird thing is that I have also finally fallen pregnant. I don't questions how it works but it has almost cleansed my entire body of all pain and bad energy. Its not ongoing so not a huge cost but worth a try - just make sure they specialise in BIO cause thats really important. Goodluck to you all, I would never have believed it would finally be over!!


kjscns09 - September 24

Hi traceable...can you give us some idea of what a Bio Cranial Sacral Therapist did for you, and are there any in the US?


brooksidefarm - September 24

Thanks traceable! I will do research, but can you relay more info? Drugs involved? Surgery? Natural therapies? Thanks!


axxie - September 24

Bio crannial sacral therapist, is someone who happens to be a chiropractor who perform direct pressure all sensory organs to the brain and are linked to some of our internal organs such as the heart and lungs.

These sensory organs are linked to our sense of smell, vision, eye movement, linkede to eyelids, eyeball, side-to-side eye movement, facial sensation and chewing, facial such as controls movements, taste, sensory info from the ear, hearing and sense of balance, control muscles for swallowing and sense of taste, motor function to larynx, modulates heart rate and digested organs, spinal that controls muscles for head movement and muscles of the tongue. Any type of disease, injury or accident to a cranial may affect the functioning of what specific nerve controls. Tests reveal whether each cranial nerve is functional properly.

Go see a Chiropractor they will examine and treat you for and give you wellness advice to help you strenghthen their nervous system and maximum healing process.


axxie - September 24

traceable if after 7 years of having fibro and you are cured, the only thing I can say "you didn't have fibro. Your doctor used fibro as the catch all disease because he didn't know what you had. Sorry to say.

I am happy for you that you are not suffering.

bio cranial sacral therapist is someone who has studies Kinesiology (anatomy and biomechanics)who becomes a Chiropractor.


CCC - June 9

Hi traceable
I am in Sydney and looking for a Bio Cranial Sacral Therapist.
Can you please advise the contact details?



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