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My Doctor keeps ignoring my symptoms, I believe I have fibromyalgia how can I get him to listen?
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georgia_gurl1984 - April 21

I go to my doctor regularly for check ups. I usually see him once a week for b-12 shots. I have explained to him that I am not sleeping well, fatigued, and I ache all over, especially in my hips, low back, and shoulders. How can I get him to listen? Am I possible suffering from Fibromyalgia?


Marje1102 - March 9

Georgia-gurl1984, I feel your pain - literally! I spent many frustrated years with my family doctor telling him I thought I had FMS. I finally made an appointment with a neurologist who ordered nerve conduction studies - to rule out MS - and a host of blood work. The NCS came back negative so that meant no MS. He referred me to a rheumatologist who after listening to my list of ailments had me climb up on his examination table and attempt to touch the trigger points. I nearly came of the table it hurt so bad. He said without a doubt I had FMS. I wanted to hug his neck. Now I see him on a regular basis to update my medications and add or remove any that need changing. He has been the answer to my prayers. You might was to try this route. And, if you do get the diagnosis of FMS, be sure to have the rheumatologist send his diagnosis back to your family doctor.


HealedLady - April 21

I had that problem with my doctor and I MADE him listen to me. I told him that my siblings have the SAME symptoms and SAME problems and they were diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and asked him point blank, do I have it or not? I have been seeing my doctor over a year for the same problems and when he said I have Fibromyalgia I had him put it in a letter explaining how disabling it is to me. I don't have that doctor right now either. Maybe you need to find one that will listen to you. I had to make mine listen to me and I had to make a appointment with him and when he walked in the room, I just kind of "let him have it" very nicely. He finally listened to me when I did that. It is a shame that we pay so much to see doctors and they treat us that way. Don't you think so?



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