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my daughter
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millymoo - December 9

hi im new to this i belive that my 10 uear old daughter has fibromyalgia she fell off her scooter in april this year and since then she is tired all the time she has trouble for walking any distance or for toolong she has the most of the symptoms but not all she crys alot gets very frustrated and she has had blood tests and xrays but these came up with nothing she had an mri scan and this was normal too. i heard a radio proframme a few weeks ago on this illness that is why i think she has it the doctor at the hospital thinks its all in her head because her dad died when she was 3 .i have talk to a lady with fibromyalgia and she thinks the same as me that she has it ,my daughter goes back to hospital next week but if i say what i believe i think the doctor will dismiss what i think all input would be grateful thanks


kvc33 - December 10

Have her evaluated by a chiropractor and an orthopedic physiotherapist. If she was having no symptoms prior to the fall then that is the key to her problems. If you think she is struggling with her dad's death then have her see a counsellor, it may have nothing to do with her physical problems or the fall may have triggered something. Be very careful about physicians who want to prescribe drugs to children.


January - December 11

I agree that she needs a good diagnostic workup. What are the symptoms that lead you to believe she has fibromyalgia? Is she in pain? Are her moods are out of control? Or is she exhausted due to poor sleep? What would you say are her most problematic symptoms?

Fibromyalgia is a "syndrome" - not a specific disease. That means "fibromyalgia" refers to a cluster of symptoms that are often found together -- however there are many different factors that cause someone to develop fibromyalgia. We are all different, and different things work for different people. The key is to figure out what exactly is wrong with your child (diagnosis) and then treat the root causes if you can identify them.

I absolutely agree with kvc - DO NOT put your child on psychoactive drugs!! I have repeatedly seen these drugs ruin lives. Google and research about the downside of them. I would only use them as a last resort, after everything else has failed - and only with an expert who uses low doses, monitors closely and tapers the drugs carefully. But the drugs will probably be the "cookbook" treatment if she gets a diagnosis of fibromyalgia, so you advocate for her! You can always say "no" to a doctor - they might get angry, but it's your right to decide what treatment you want. Please do all you can to educate yourself about this complicated condition before you put her on any drugs. And if you do, find a PhD pharmacist to advise you.

If this all started after a fall from a scooter, she may have hurt her back. It's possible that the MRI was not done properly or not read properly. I had lots of back injuries over my lifetime - and lots of scans that didn't show much - until I got a sitting MRI. Sometimes back problems like pulled muscles will heal on their own over time. An example: last winter I developed an excruciatingly painful shoulder. The doctors suggested cortisone shots; I said no. Some people said I needed surgery. Again, no. I treated my shoulder with supplements and heat, and after a year, it's still a bit sore, but much better. Time heals some things.

If she is having trouble with pain and moodiness/depression, I would strongly suggest that you get her tested for gluten intolerance/celiac disease and other food allergies. Depression is extremely common in celiacs. And most celiacs go undiagnosed. Food allergies are often the cause of mood difficulties in children, but they are seldom diagnosed. Most doctors are not well educated about gluten problems and will only suspect it if there's diarrhea in children. However, there are other "forms" of celiac disease that do NOT cause obvious GI problems - rather they cause mood and sleep problems, exhaustion, pain, lowered immunity, etc. If she has a food allergy (especially a gluten problem) it is to her advantage to get diagnosed early. Gluten intolerance/ celiac disease is an auto-immune inflammation of the small intestine that makes it difficult to properly absorb the nutrients needed to build a healthy body; it has symptoms that overlap with fibromyalgia symptoms. It's a very serious disease with one simple treatment: avoid gluten. You can search discussions on this forum, and research more about it online. An excellent book about gluten (and the problems it causes) is "Dangerous Grains," which is available online. A lot of people are relieved of fibromyalgia pain by going gluten free.

Also, a few sessions with a good counselor wouldn't hurt. It's possible she is being affected by the loss of her dad, whether she realizes it or not. Losing a parent causes big problems for most kids. Wishing you the best with this. The main thing is to educate yourself!! Fibromyalgia is complicated!


kvc33 - December 11

Did you daughter hit her head when she fell? Concussions can cause fatigue, moodiness, memory problems, angry outbursts. They take time to heal and she must not engage in any sports that would put her at risk of another one. Even 'heading' a soccer ball is very dangerous for the developing brain.



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