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my chest and breast
5 Replies
PhConn - September 12

My pain is very intense in my upper back and shoulders. The left upper back in particular with "knots that can be felt on massage. I also have been plagued with pain between my ribs esp in the front near the breast area, mostly left side sometimes right. I have noticed that my breast on the left side seems swollen slightly. Could this possibly be related to the constant pain and deep muscle massage to that area??. I have always had sensitive breasts and I think it is related


mm30 - September 12

hi phconn,

these were the pains i indured that lead my doctor to diagnosing me with fibromyalgia. i get very very sore ribs in particular if im stressed. my sides will hurt so much so that i have in the passed thought it went deeper and that it was my kidneys. i find it quiet hard to drive at times because of this.
my left hand side hurts also but my right hand side takes the worst of it. my right breast gets really sore but my doctor assures me that it is actually my rib and although the pain appears to be in my breast and feels swollen. she says it is behind on the rib cage.
it usually gets worse around my period.
i have changed my birth control to progesten only so im hoping for some relief. also i have found some relief from taking magnessium supplements for pain.
i had a massage last week and i had lots of knots in my back. some of them when pressed sent pain to the front of my head.
i also get great big cracking noises right across my breast bone.
ive been told this is all down to fibro.

try adding two cups of epson salts to your bath water and just try and chill out in it for a while. i find great relief in this and try and have a bath before bed. it calms me down and helps me sleep which in turn is better for my aches and pains.

hope this helps reassure you,


mm30 - September 12

by the way i was just think there that i actually think the massage i had last week contributed to pains in my breast. my right has been very sore this week and its been since then.
maybe it set something off from pushing on one of those lumps at the back.


PhConn - September 12

thank you so much, its is reassuring to know that others have this too. I do not want you to have this pain, but I get worried sometimes that it isnt fibro, when deep down inside I know it is. thanks again


mm30 - September 12

no problem glad to help i find that sometimes my mind wanders and i worry and when i come in here i find something to reassure me. can you believe i actually logged in for reassurance on my breast pain even though i knew i have read posts in here before about it. but we just need the extra assurance.

if you have time try some simple yoga poses. i find the stretches are great for the ribs. i do the sun salutation and along with a few others ( i use my wii fit) and it does help and it opens up your lungs which you will definately find will help alleviate your rib pains.

wishing you well,


chucksusanandgrace - September 16

Costocondritis or tietz syndrome (I hope I am spelling that correctly - where you can actually see the inflamation).

I had this back in November and still continue to get this. I'm still waiting on an official dx though.

What has the Drs said?



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