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My "friend" think I'm faking!
4 Replies
Kimmi - July 6

I have a friend who I recently found out has been talking behind my back, saying that I am a hypochondriac and I am faking everything. Firstly this makes me so mad, because he's supposed to be my friend and why is he talking behind my back? But, even more so, it makes me sad that I and probably lots of others with Fibromyalgia have to deal with this from others who don't understand what we are going through. Has anyone else had these kinds of problems with so called friends?


Jessie - July 4

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, Kimmi. My husband thought all my pain and stiffness was in my head at first too. But once he realized it was relentless (and I was diagnosed by our family doctor) he came around. Now he's my cheering section and he really helps me keep fighting. Maybe sit down with your friend and explain how much the gossip has hurt you and that your pain is real but that it shouldn't be alienating the two of you. Show him some research too. Sometimes people are doubting Thomas' until they "see" proof that fibro exists. Good luck!


Ashley - July 6

Ooooh yes. My boyfriend used to say it was all in my head. My brother said that he has "no pity for me because it's not life altering"..which is the biggest falsity i've heard my whole life. My friends also try to pass off my health issues as easy to deal with, like I can just get on with life on a daily basis. I'm sorry people are jerks


Chris - July 6

Yes, I get that on a daily basis at work. You look fine, it's only pain, your a man suck it up.
It can't hurt that bad. Yes, I've heard them all.
I'm sorry anyone has to go through that. Take care.


donnap - July 6

I'm so sorry that you have been hurt - especially by someone I'm sure you thought you could trust. I think the suggestion that you sit your friend down, talk and show him some info in writing is a good suggestion. Hugs to you.



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