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MUST READ! GMO food and health problems!
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January - October 17

I watched a really good film this morning! genetic roulette movie Google it! You can watch it online for free.

Highly recommend it for anybody suffering with fibro symptoms, IBS, diabetes, autoimmune disease, skin problems, mood problems, allergies, etc., even if you don't think food is linked to your condition(s).

GMO means genetically modified organism, and if you don't think you are eating them right now, you're wrong. The US is one of the few countries that does not label GM food. Certain big corporations are actively pushing it. Some countries don't even allow it in their borders, Europe and Canada require labeling. Yet some of the most basic crops in the US, like wheat, corn and soy, are largely GM foods now. Even zucchini! I asked at my grocery store if the produce was GM and could not get a straight answer. It is safer to eat organic and stay away from processed and packaged food.

Did you know breast cancer is linked to drinking milk (include ice cream, sour cream, cheese, sauces, etc.) if the milk comes from cows treated with bovine growth hormone?

Did you know there are studies showing that people were cured of various health problems by changing their diets to non-GMOs. The health problems came back again when they ate GMOs.

Our bodies are constantly making new cells to replace old ones. Every time your body makes a new cell, it makes new DNA to run the cell. Every time new DNA is formed, there is a chance it can form incorrectly OR it can pick up a piece of strange DNA and form a mutation. It happens all the time. That's where the problem comes in, that's how your body can pick up this foreign DNA from GM food and incorporate it into the cells of your digestive system. You could be producing insecticide in your gut! You need to learn about GMOs and what they might be doing to your body, especially your digestive system, which can affect just about any other system in your body, including your mental status and your moods.

The film is about 90 minutes long. It clearly explains what GMOs (genetically modified organisms) are, how they are made by inserting strange DNA into natural DNA, how persistent and unpredictable the DNA changes are, how the DNA may "jump" from plant to animal to human via the food chain. How your body might pick up the DNA and start reproducing it. It talks about the corruption involved in the industry, and how much of the research claiming GM foods are "safe" is funded by the very companies that stand to profit. It shows that GM food is increasingly LESS nutritious than regular food, it has fewer of the vitamins and minerals our bodies NEED to stay healthy. Do you care what you're feeding your kids?

The longer a farmer grows GM food, the more problems develop, the very problems GM was supposed to avoid. So it's really pointless. They aren't saving money or feeding the world. All they are doing is making huge profits for the companies that sell these things worldwide.

The film includes interviews with some very brave scientists who did independent research and lost their jobs because they told the truth. Did you know that bt insecticide-producing DNA is now inserted into GM corn? It was sold last summer at Walmart and other stores. If you eat this corn, the DNA could possibly "jump" to live in the cells of your gut, producing insecticide in your body. It has been linked to problems like IBS, leaky gut syndrome, inflammation and allergies. GM corn kills the bugs that eat it, but it also caused liver and kidney failure in animal tests that were carried out over the long term; long term testing on animals was NOT done before this food was released for human consumption. For some time now it has been used in pet food - and lots of pet owners are discovering that their pets are getting sick and dying from liver and kidney failure.

GM food is linked with a number of health problems, but we aren't being told the truth - because the people who speak out are punished. Toward the end of the film, they list the major GM crops. They also talk about the minerals that are depleted in these foods - these minerals are absolutely REQUIRED to maintain a healthy body. If you are deficient in several minerals, you are probably going to get sick. (A note: if you are taking antidepressants, some of them also deplete minerals. For example, Prozac depletes potassium, Cymbalta depletes sodium. You need these minerals to stay alive! Double whammy if you take these meds and eat GM food!)

Doctors will tell you that you don't need supplements if you eat a healthy diet. How can you do that if you are eating GM food and don't know it? When I stopped eating wheat (the first, and worst, GM crop) and started taking daily vitamins and minerals plus other supplements, I recovered from being very seriously ill. My muscle aches are GONE. But if I don't take my vitamins and minerals for a week, I don't feel well.

Please check out this movie. It's important. Think about your children who are eating this food, and what it is doing to them. We have to educate ourselves and demand better. Call the companies and ask if they are using GM food. Ask the manager at your grocery if the fresh produce is GM. You might want to think about avoiding if after you watch this movie!

genetic roulette movie


Jocelyn - October 18

Hi January,

As usual, we can all depend on you for the best post to help us out with this outrageous food problem in the US. It is getting to the point where, if we were not so tired, we should grow our own food! I am going crazy figuring out what bothers me. I know a lot of things do and I am getting there.

Thank you again, January for all your help.



January - October 20

Jocelyn - I'm very glad you liked the post, and hope you got a chance to watch the movie, even though it was over an hour. It was so well done, I thought. Explained GM very well.

I just met someone recently diagnosed with a slew of food allergies. This problem is really increasing! Maybe if we switched to organic food, we wouldn't have the allergy problems. It's to the point where I don't know how some people find anything to eat, they have so many allergies! I've seen some posters on here with very long lists of allergies. Hope they watch this movie and consider trying organic and avoiding GM to see if it helps them. Wouldn't it be amazing if the rise in fibromyalgia was somehow connected to GM food???

It truly is hard to figure out what your food sensitivities are. Usually, doctors consider an allergy something that is severe (like breathing problems or hives) and comes up suddenly. But the delayed food allergies (maybe they are called sensitivities) might take a few days or a week to develop, and they produce subtle or weird symptoms like headaches or mood swings or depression or fatigue and, in my experience, it takes a while for them to go away too. Only way to figure it out is keep a good journal, and keep your food choices very limited. Introduce one new food and see if it changes how you feel in the next 4 or 5 days. I have not been able to find anyone in my area that has any expertise in delayed food sensitivities.

But if it's GM food that is really the problem - that is in everything processed or packaged. I was stunned to watch this movie and learn that the ten major GM foods include innocent-looking zucchini and papaya from Hawaii. At my grocery, they have various kinds of tomatoes that don't have much taste, but are perfect, round and red. They cost $2/lb. Then they have some organic tomatoes that are mis-shapen, and sometimes a bit rotten or flawed in one place. But they actually smell like "real" tomatoes. They cost $4/lb. Ridiculous! How can regular people afford to eat organic everything when it costs twice as much? But the only way to stop the GM foods is to get educated and boycott them. Since labeling is not required, the only way you know it is safe is if a package specifically says "Non-GMO." Worth looking for this label! And… as I've looked around the internet, there are a lot of "scientists" putting out the party line: "GMOs are safe and good for you." Watch this movie! I don't know - maybe they lied. What do you think?



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